Surveys Sample Clauses

Surveys. Maps or plats of an as-built survey of the sites of the Mortgaged Properties certified to the Collateral Agent and the Title Insurance Company in a manner reasonably satisfactory to them, dated a date satisfactory to the Collateral Agent and the Title Insurance Company by an independent professional licensed land surveyor reasonably satisfactory to the Collateral Agent and the Title Insurance Company, which maps or plats and the surveys on which they are based shall be sufficient to delete any standard printed survey exception contained in the applicable title policy and be made in accordance with the Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for Land Title Surveys jointly established and adopted by the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping in 1992, and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, there shall be surveyed and shown on such maps, plats or surveys the following: (A) the locations on such sites of all the buildings, structures and other improvements and the established building setback lines; (B) the lines of streets abutting the sites and width thereof; (C) all access and other easements appurtenant to the sites necessary to use the sites; (D) all roadways, paths, driveways, easements, encroachments and overhanging projections and similar encumbrances affecting the site, whether recorded, apparent from a physical inspection of the sites or otherwise known to the surveyor; (E) any encroachments on any adjoining property by the building structures and improvements on the sites; and (F) if the site is described as being on a filed map, a legend relating the survey to said map;
Surveys. The Ship shall be submitted to continuous surveys and any other surveys which are required for it to maintain the Classification as its class. Copies of reports of those surveys shall be provided promptly to the Agent if it so requests.
Surveys. The Obligors shall submit to or cause the Vessels to be submitted to such periodic or other surveys as may be required for classification purposes and to ensure full compliance with regulations of the relevant flag state of the Vessels and to supply or to cause to be supplied to the Agent copies of all survey reports and confirmations of class issued in respect thereof whenever such is required by the Agent, however limited to once a year.