Surveys Sample Clauses

Surveys. Each Borrower shall submit the Ship owned by it regularly to all periodical or other surveys which may be required for classification purposes and, if so required by the Security Trustee provide the Security Trustee, with copies of all survey reports.
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Surveys. The Borrower shall submit the Ship regularly to all periodical or other surveys which may be required for classification purposes and, if so required by the Lender provide the Lender, with copies of all survey reports.
Surveys. The Administrative Agent shall have received, and the title insurance company issuing the policy referred to in Section 5.1(p) below (the “Title Insurance Company”) shall have received, maps or plats of an as-built survey of the sites of the Mortgaged Properties certified to the Administrative Agent and the Title Insurance Company in a manner satisfactory to them, dated not more than 180 days prior to the Closing Date unless the Title Insurance Company has agreed to delete its survey disclosure exception on the basis of an earlier survey by an independent professional land surveyor licensed in the jurisdiction in which the subject Mortgaged Property is located, which maps or plats and the surveys on which they are based shall be made in accordance with the Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for Land Title Surveys jointly established and adopted by the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping in 1997 or any subsequent year and meeting the accuracy requirements as defined therein, and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, there shall be surveyed and shown on such maps, plats or surveys the following: each survey shall (a) be a current “as-built” survey showing the location of any adjoining streets (including their widths and any pavement or other improvements), easements (including the recorded information with respect to all recorded instruments), the mean high water base line or other legal boundary lines of any adjoining bodies of water, fences, zoning or restriction setback lines, rights-of-way, utility lines to the points of connection and any encroachments; (b) locate all means of ingress and egress, certifying the amount of acreage and square footage, indicate the address of the property, contain the legal description of the property, and also contain a location sketch of the property; (c) show the location of all improvements as constructed on the property; (d) indicate the location of any improvements on the property with the dimensions in relations to the lot and building lines; (e) show measured distances from the improvements to be set back and specified distances from street or property lines in the event that deed restrictions, recorded plats or zoning ordinances require same; (f) designate all courses and distances referred to in the legal description, and indicate the names of all adjoining owners on all sides of the property, to the extent available; and (g) indicate the flood zone des...
Surveys to submit the Ship to continuous surveys and such periodical or other surveys as may be required for classification purposes and to supply to the Mortgagee copies of all survey reports issued in respect thereof;
Surveys. Prior to execution of any Development Financing Documents and prior to the initial request for a Disbursement (as defined in Article VIII hereof), Lessee has furnished to Lessor three copies of a current perimeter land survey, in form and substance satisfactory to Lessor, certified to Lessor, giving a description of the Leased Premises and showing all encroachments onto or from the Leased Premises, currently certified by a registered surveyor and bearing his registry number and showing access rights, easements, or utilities, rights of way, all setback requirements upon the Leased Premises, improvements, matters affecting title and such other items as Lessor may reasonably request.
Surveys. Developer shall provide surveys done by a California-licensed civil engineer or licensed land surveyor to determine locations of construction, grading, and site work as required to perform the Work.
Surveys. The Owner shall furnish survey(s) describing physical characteristics, legal limitations, utility locations for the site of the Project, as well as a written legal description of the site. If such services are deemed necessary by the Design Professional and approved by the Owner as additional services, the Design Professional shall retain and compensate a qualified, registered land surveyor to prepare a certified land survey of the site giving, as applicable, grades and lines of streets, alleys, pavements, adjoining property; rights-of-way, restrictions, easement, encroachments, zoning, deed restrictions, boundaries and contours of the site; locations, dimensions, and all available data pertaining to existing buildings, other improvements, trees; and service and utility lines, both public and private, above and below grade, including inverts and depths. The Owner shall approve the selection of the surveyor before the surveyor may commence work.
Surveys. Any surveys of land and bathymetric surveys required for the purposes of this Agreement within the Development Area shall be carried out at the expense of the Company.
Surveys. The Official Agency will participate in national surveys as agreed with the Authority. The timing and organisation of national surveys will be agreed with the Authority, the official laboratories and Official Agencies involved. Where practicable such surveys will be included in the Official Agency annual sampling and analysis programmes. Schedule 2 Section 4 Not applicable Schedule 2 Section 5
Surveys. The Ship shall be submitted to continuous surveys and any other surveys which are required for it to maintain the Classification as its class. Copies of reports of those surveys shall be provided promptly to the Agent if it so requests.