Surveying Sample Clauses

Surveying. Seller is responsible for performing, and shall include in its pricing, all construction layout surveying required for execution of the Work. Seller shall be held responsible for preserving all established project control monuments unless their removal is requested by Seller and authorized in writing by Buyer. Any costs incurred by Buyer to reestablish control monuments destroyed by Seller shall be borne by Seller.
Surveying. Developer shall cause each lot to be properly surveyed and monumented in accordance with Nevada Revised Statutes. Cost: $2,500.00 Total Cost of Improvements: $117,435.00
Surveying. 13.6.1. XXXX shall notify Owner at least 7 days before starting work to allow for the preservation of survey monuments, lot stakes, and benchmarks. XXXX shall not disturb survey monuments, lot C022896 Page 150 of 233 stakes, or benchmarks without the consent of Owner, and shall bear the expense of replacing any that may be disturbed without such consent. Replacement shall be done only under the direction of Owner by a Registered Licensed Land Surveyor or a Registered Civil Engineer authorized to practice land surveying within the State. When a change is made in the finished elevation of the pavement of any roadway in which a permanent survey monument is located, XXXX shall adjust the monument cover to the new grade within 7 days of finished paving unless otherwise instructed by Owner. XXXX shall preserve construction survey stakes and marks for the duration of their usefulness, and will bear the expense of any survey stakes that are lost or disturbed and need to be replaced.
Surveying. All surveying shall comply with the Professional Land Surveying Practices Act, Article 5282c, Vernon’s Texas Civil Statutes. All surveying shall comply with applicable rules promulgated by the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying. The Manual of Practice published by the Society of Professional Surveyors shall be used as a guide in determining accuracy requirements and procedures to follow. The prime provider’s field surveying efforts shall include the following: