Surveying Sample Clauses

Surveying. Developer shall cause each lot to be properly surveyed and monumented in accordance with Nevada Revised Statutes. Cost: $1,300.00 Total Cost of Improvements: $54,340.00
Surveying. Seller is responsible for performing, and shall include in its pricing, all construction layout surveying required for execution of the Work. Seller shall be held responsible for preserving all established project control monuments unless their removal is requested by Seller and authorized in writing by Buyer. Any costs incurred by Buyer to reestablish control monuments destroyed by Seller shall be borne by Seller.
Surveying. This sphere includes, inter alia, licensing of surveyors and performing surveys in areas falling within the Palestinian Authority's jurisdiction.
Surveying. Analysis of the data processing needs (including issues which will influence purchase) of prospective End-User.
Surveying. Bathymetric surveys are necessary to calculate dredging quantities and to inform preliminary engineering and will be utilized throughout the design process. USACE conducts regular surveys ofCCSC and tributaries. Therefore, existing USACE survey data will be used. However, bathymetry is not available for the offshore portions of the project area from approximate Stations -210+00 to -600+00. It is estimated that the hydrographic survey fieldwork will take approximately five (5) days to complete and will provide full coverage of the 600-foot-wide channel plus 350 feet on either side of channel toes. Side scan and magnetometer surveys of the channel will be collected from LaQuinta Junction (approximate USACE Station 530+00) to the 75-foot contour (at approximately USACE Station -600+00). Engineer has not included the scope of work for topographic surveys of existing DMPAs or BU sites.
Surveying. Before removal of any off spec product from the facility the Principal must appoint an independent surveying company. Seaport Canaveral does not take any responsibility for quality and for quantity of the product other than generation of a Bill of Lading with the quantities and specifications as defined by Vitol.