Project Architect definition

Project Architect means the professional architect or engineer employed by the Owner as architect or engineer of record for the Project and its consultants.

Examples of Project Architect in a sentence

  • Fails to remove materials from the site or to pull down and replace work after receiving from the Engineer, Project Architect notice to the effect that the said materials or works have been rejected.

  • The Contractor shall provide, in hard copy and electronic form, all necessary material safety data sheets (MSDS) of all products used in the construction of the Project to the Texas Department of Health licensed inspector or Project Architect or Engineer who will compile the information from the MSDS and, finding no asbestos in any of the product, make a certification statement.

  • Individual’s Responsibility: Project Architect /Engineer Design Architect/Engineer Principal e.

  • Commits default in complying with any of the terms and conditions of the contract and does not remedy it within 7 days after a notice in writing is given to him in that behalf of the Engineer or Project Architect or Employer.

  • The Project Architect and Constructability Consultant shall consult and resolve any differences in their respective Cost Quantity Surveys.

More Definitions of Project Architect

Project Architect or "AE" means Architect or Engineer established in the “Agreement between Owner and Construction Manager” and their successors and assigns, who have been selected by and retained by the Owner to provide the services of licensed architect-engineer for the Project as contemplated by this Agreement.
Project Architect means that Person identified in Appendix 1.
Project Architect means collectively, TSA of Nevada, LLP, and WAT&G, Inc. Nevada.
Project Architect means the professional architect employed by the Owner as architect of record for the Project along with its consultants.
Project Architect is defined in Section 2.5(a).
Project Architect means Xxxxxx/Xxxxxxxx Architects Ltd., LLC, a Nevada limited liability company.
Project Architect means the architectural firm that will be employed by City in connection with the Venue Improvements.