Lakes Sample Clauses

Lakes. The Board of Directors of the High Plains Environmental Center (“HPEC”) will allow limited human contact on Xxxxx Reservoir only. No human contact will be allowed on Equalizer Lake. Neither HPEC, as the surface rights holder, nor Greeley Loveland Irrigation Company (“GLIC”), as the owner of the reservoir and related water rights, will be under any obligation to maintain water levels or quality to accommodate human contact. Only non-motorized boats owned by the Association or HPEC will be allowed on Xxxxx Reservoir. No boating is allowed on Equalizer Lake. A full copy of the regulations and use restrictions regarding the lakes can be found at the HPEC website at
Lakes. During meal breaks or rest breaks, Lakes DHB will supply free tea, coffee, milk, and sugar. Where it is impractical to supply tea, coffee, milk, and sugar free of charge, an allowance of $1.26 per week in lieu shall be paid. This allowance will continue during all periods of leave except leave without pay.
Lakes. Lakes shall be responsible for all services reasonable and necessary to develop and operate the Casino, including all financial and accounting decisions and record-keeping therefor, subsequent to the approval of the Referendum. Lakes’s obligations hereunder shall be conditioned on the successful adoption of the Referendum and amendment to the Ohio Constitution that will permit the Casino to be developed, the JV receiving all necessary permits required for develop and operation thereof, and purchasing the land on which the Casino will be built. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Lakes shall only be required to use reasonable best efforts to obtain third party financing to finance the development of the Casino, and in no event shall Lakes be required to finance the development using its own funds.
Lakes. There shall be no swimming, skating, boating, fishing in or on or other recreational use of any lake, pond, creek, ditch or stream on the Real Estate. Nor shall any structure be placed in, on or over said lakes without the express written consent of the Association, RRP or the Developers. The Association may promulgate rules and regulations with respect to the permitted uses, if any, of the lakes or other bodies of water on the Real Estate.
Lakes. As compensation for Lakes’s management services hereunder, Lakes shall receive one percent (1%) of Gross Total Revenues for the prior calendar month, paid on the twentieth day of each calendar month for the preceding month, for so long as this Agreement shall remain in effect during the term hereof. “Gross Total Revenues” shall be Casino’s total revenue from all gaming activities and total receipts from the sale or rental of food, beverages, souvenirs, hotel facilities, equipment and all other goods and services that are incidental to the operation of the Casino.
Lakes. Lakes shall make an Initial Capital Contribution to the Company equal to $2,105,000. Lakes shall be required to make its Initial Contributions in cash (via wire transfer) simultaneously with its execution of this Agreement. For its Initial Capital Contribution, Lakes shall receive 182,222 Membership Units.
Lakes. Likewise, Buyer and the Company shall be responsible for, and shall indemnify and hold Imperial, SFI and their respective Affiliates harmless, from and against all liabilities in connection with claims arising out of or in connection with a breach of fiduciary duty or violation of the applicable requirements of ERISA, the Code, or any other applicable laws occurring after the Closing Date with respect to each of Buyer's or the Company's employee benefit plans and after the Great Lakes Stock Sale Closing Date with respect to each of Great Lake's employee benefit plans.
Lakes. Lakes shall make an additional capital contribution to the Company equal to $7,895,000 and shall receive additional Membership Units, the number of which shall be determined by dividing the total Additional Capital Contribution made by 22.1120. For fully funding its Additional Capital Contribution, Lakes shall receive 357,045 Membership Units.
Lakes. Most lakes within the Merritt TSA have been classified through a local planning process (the Merritt TSA Lakes Classification Process), and were assigned a class of A, B, C, D or E. Each of these classifications designates a lakeshore management zone (LMZ) that in practice extends beyond the RRZ Merritt TSA TSR 4 Draft Data Package dictated by the Riparian Guidebook where one exists, and implies specific basal area retention as shown in Table 10. The TSR3 analysis assumed that any RRZ was entirely contained within the LMZ, and the same methodology has been applied to these lakes for the benchmark analysis scenarios. Lakes not classified through the local planning process were classified by applying the Riparian Guidebook criteria of lake surface area and surrounding BEC subzone (as determined from the provincial BEC ecosystem inventory). This process resulted in the L1L4 classifications and associated RRZ buffers listed in Table 10.
Lakes. Trimming the edge of common area lakes shall be provided as needed to keep a neat appearance. Lake edge trimming shall be performed at a minimum of every second service visit.