Coastal waters definition

Coastal waters means those waters of Long Island Sound and its harbors, embayments, tidal rivers, streams and creeks which contain a salinity concentration of at least five hundred parts per million under low flow conditions.
Coastal waters means coastal waters as defined in Section 22a-93(5) of the Connecticut General Statutes.
Coastal waters means any sea that is on the landward side of the adjacent area of this State but is not within the limits of this State.

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Coastal waters around Vancouver Island, including the JF and WCVI regions, were Figure 1.

Protected species: Coastal waters from Cornwall to Dorset support a discrete resident population of bottlenose dolphins, with year-round sightings, and research suggests that this may be an important feeding and nursery area for this species.

No.  Monitoring of Coastal waters:  APPCB is monitoring Coastal waters of Bay-of-Bengal at 40 locations regularly on monthly basis covering all the 9 coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh.

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Coastal waters means the territorial seas of the United States, and those waters directly connected to the territorial seas (i.e., bays, sounds, harbors, rivers, inlets, etc.) where any entrance exceeds two nautical miles between opposite shorelines to the first point where the largest distance between shorelines narrows to two miles, as shown on the current edition of the appropriate National Ocean Service chart used for navigation. Shorelines of islands or points of land present within a waterway are considered when determining the distance between opposite shorelines.
Coastal waters means those portions of the Atlantic Ocean within the jurisdiction of the State and all other waters of the State subject to the rise and fall of the tide.[PL 2003, c. 650, §2 (NEW).]
Coastal waters means the waters of the ocean and all bays, gulfs, straits, passages, inlets and estuaries of the State that are subject to the tidal influence of the sea; but does not include Lake George, Coorong (area 1) and Coorong (area 2);
Coastal waters means the waters outside the low-water line or the outer limit of an estuary;
Coastal waters means those waters within the jurisdiction of the State under Title 1, section 2, including intertidal land as defined in section 572.[PL 1997, c. 678, §13 (NEW).]
Coastal waters means waters within a distance of three nautical miles from any point on the coast measured from low–water mark of ordinary spring tides ;
Coastal waters means waters of the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico within the jurisdiction of the state.