Restoration of Sample Clauses

Restoration of basis—(1)
Restoration of. Section 9.6.
Restoration of performance The parties to this agreement agree that effective management of underperformance benefits everyone in the Tribunal. The main emphasis when managing underperformance will be on bringing the performance of the employee back to an agreed standard of work through early intervention, negotiation and the implementation of strategies within an acceptable timeframe. It is important that these matters be addressed promptly and fairly rather than waiting until the next formal PM feedback session. Any relevant matters must also be included in the next formal PM feedback session if ongoing action is required. Throughout the restoration of performance procedure and the formal management of underperformance procedure, the employee may choose to be accompanied and represented by a person of their choice. Where formal underperformance measures are to be implemented the employee will receive a written warning from the Registrar for failure to restore performance.
Restoration of. If the eligible person'returns to employment with the Company following receipt of he will rebuild his entitlement to Lay-off benefits at the rate of weeks' entitlement for each year of service following recall until his weeks of entitlement equal his years of pensionable service. He will then revert to the normal entitlement building rate of one week entitlement for each added year of pensionable service. If any Retraining Tuition Allowance has been paid on his be- half, his entitlement to such Allowance will also be rebuilt at the same rate as provided