Recovery Period definition

Recovery Period means "Tax Attribute Period" as defined in the Tax --------------- Indemnity Agreement.
Recovery Period means the period specified in the Customer Portal, which commences upon expiry of the earlier of the Cease Time, the Maximum Utilisation Period or relevant Accepted Arming Window or Accepted Availability Window (as relevant), for which the Site(s) / CMZ Group is not available to be despatched;
Recovery Period shall refer to the period of up to One (1) Month after the End Date of this Agreement in which the Buyer can offtake Make up Gas quantity if any remaining with the Buyer and subject to availability of Gas with the Sellers.

Examples of Recovery Period in a sentence

  • Buyer shall have no further rights to take Gas during the Recovery Period after it has taken such remaining Make Up Gas, and after such remaining Make Up Gas has been delivered, the Recovery Period shall be deemed to have expired.

  • Ratio Percentage Used To Determine Recovery Period And Threshold Limitation 2018 2017 Amount.

  • Amount Of Adjusted Capital And Surplus Used To Determine Recovery Period AndThreshold Limitation In 2(b)2 Above.

  • The provisions of Clauses 9(b) to 9(c) shall not apply in respect of the Recovery Period.

More Definitions of Recovery Period

Recovery Period means (1) if the Misconduct relates to Restatement Misconduct, or the Misconduct consists of acts or omissions relating to Staples' financial matters that in the discretion of the Board are reasonably unlikely to be discovered prior to the end of the fiscal year in which the Misconduct occurred and the completion of the outside audit of Staples' annual financial statements, the period during which the Plan Participant is employed by Staples and the period ending 18 months after the Plan Participant's last day of employment; (2) if the Misconduct relates to the breach of any agreement between the Plan Participant and Staples, the term of the agreement and the period ending six months following the expiration of the agreement, and (3) in all other cases, the period during which the Plan Participant is employed by Staples and the period ending six months after the Plan Participant's last day of employment. If during the Recovery Period the Board gives written notice to the Plan Participant of potential Misconduct, the Recovery Period shall be extended for such reasonable time as the Board may specify is appropriate for it to make a final determination of Misconduct and seek enforcement of any of its remedies described above. Staples' rights pursuant to this Section VII. shall terminate on the effective date of a Change in Control (as defined in the Staples, Inc. 2010 Long-Term Cash Incentive Plan) and no Recovery Period shall extend beyond that date except with respect to any Plan Participant for which the Board prior to such Change in Control gave written notice to such Plan Participant of potential Misconduct.
Recovery Period means such period (as may be specified by the Governor in Cabinet by order) immediately following a national disaster;
Recovery Period means that period of time starting at the birth and ending with the discharge of the patient from the birthing center.
Recovery Period means a period of time defined by the duration, rate, and schedule of withdrawal of reclaimed water for a beneficial use from an underground geological formation.
Recovery Period means the twelve (12) month period preceding the Award Termination Effective Date.
Recovery Period means the industrial cost recovery period, which is hereby dekned as a period of thirty (30) years.