On time definition

On time means flights arriving within 15 minutes of the scheduled arrival time.
On time means you are in your seat with materials on your desk when the period begins.
On time means scheduled time at a location including a fifteen minute tolerance.

Examples of On time in a sentence

  • On- time payment of the supplier/ contractor i.e., 15 days after delivery regardless if the delivery is per month or Ordering Agreement.

  • On time applications will be processed before any applications received after the closing date.

  • On time and material type contracts for all now tax exempt entities, sales tax must be charged and remitted on the total retail price charged to the customer.

  • It is easy to see that the total space needed for trees of this kind is O(n) and it takes O(n) time to build them.

  • On time, daily attendance is a critical component of this educational process.

More Definitions of On time

On time means on, or no sooner than two (2) days prior to, the delivery date.
On time. 61 means the percentage of recorded station stops called at within 59 seconds of the planned time relating to the Services as produced and/or published by Network Rail;
On time shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.9.4.
On time means complaints that received a response within 20 working days. Stage 1 complaints should be investigated and completed within a timescale of 10 working days. This can be extended up to 20 working days for more complex complaints or in other instances where an extension is agreed by the Complaints Manager.
On time delivery means: delivery of [*] of the Products purchased under a Purchase Order are delivered by the due date indicated on Jabil’s Acknowledgment to Company’s Purchase Order for such Products, no later than the end of [*] thereafter; minus [*] for any portion of the order delivered early [*]. Jabil will monitor and report to Company monthly “On-time” delivery per Purchase Order and Order Acknowledgment, and such report shall include the number of Purchase Orders placed by Company within the Lead Time versus number of Purchase Orders delivered On-time.
On time filing means declarations (also known as ‘returns’) filed by the statutory due date for filing (plus any ‘days of grace’ applied by the tax administration as a matter of administrative policy)
On time means that we must receive each payment no later than 6 days after the due date.