Partners Sample Clauses

Partners. If the Partnership declines to purchase said ownership interest under said notice period, each Partner shall jointly and severally be given a first right of refusal within daysnotice to purchase the ownership interest under the same terms and conditions agreed upon by the potential buyer. If more than one (1) Partner agrees to purchase, they shall be obligated to share the terms of the purchase equally.
Partners. The Partnership shall have (a) a General Partner and, (b) one or more Limited Partners (including, for the avoidance of doubt, the Special Voting Limited Partner). Schedule 4.01 sets forth the name and address of the Partners. Schedule 4.01 shall be amended pursuant to Section 1.03 to reflect any change in the identity or address of the Partners in accordance with this Agreement. Each Person admitted to the Partnership as a Partner pursuant to this Agreement shall be a partner of the Partnership until such Person ceases to be a Partner in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.
Partners. The General Partner, the Class A Limited Partner and the Class B Limited Partners of the Partnership are the Persons executing (by power of attorney or otherwise) this Agreement as of the date hereof as the General Partner, the Class A Limited Partner and the Class B Limited Partners, respectively, each of which is admitted to the Partnership as the General Partner, Class A Limited Partner or a Class B Limited Partner, as the case may be, effective as of the date hereof.
Partners. In the event Customer orders Subscription Services through an authorized Axway partner or reseller, this Agreement, excluding this Section 3, shall apply to Customer’s use of the Subscription Services.
Partners. (a) The General Partner of the Partnership is the Company. Its principal place of business shall be the same as that of the Partnership.