Leave Without Pay Sample Clauses

Leave Without Pay. All leave taken under Article 21 is leave without pay.
Leave Without Pay. All leave taken under Article 21 (Maternity and Parental Leave) is leave without pay.
Leave Without Pay. An employee shall not be entitled to payment for a public holiday falling during a period of leave without pay (including sick leave and military leave without pay) unless the employee has worked during the fortnight ending on the day on which the holiday is observed.
Leave Without Pay. Special leave without pay may be granted within a defined period without automatic right of re-engagement. This provision does not include parental or sick leave.
Leave Without Pay. In addition to the circumstances specified elsewhere in this Agreement, the Employer, in its discretion may approve a leave without pay for the following reasons specified below. Leaves without pay must be approved or denied by the Employer in writing within fourteen (14) calendar days of the request when practicable and if denied will include the reason for denial. Approval will set a date for the employee’s return to work. Modification of the return date must also be approved in writing by the Employer.
Leave Without Pay. Fulltime or part-time employees are able to take leave without pay each year, providing that such leave is mutually agreed between the employer and the employee, and is in accordance with the employer’s policy on leave without pay.
Leave Without Pay. After three years’ continuous service, an employee may request an unpaid leave of absence to take educational courses relating to health service delivery subject to the following provisions:
Leave Without Pay. Normally, employees shall not be permitted to take leave without pay when personal, annual or sick leave (as appropriate to the circumstances) is accrued to their account. Nor shall employees take leave without pay after exhausting their sick leave when annual leave remains in their account. The possible exceptions are:
Leave Without Pay. Although the types of paid leave will be used in the order listed above, and each type of paid leave will be exhausted before the next is used, employees will be permitted to use leave without pay rather than vacation or sick leave at their request.
Leave Without Pay. Where operational requirements permit, and on reasonable notice, special leave without pay shall be granted for union business: