Leave Without Pay Sample Clauses

Leave Without Pay. An employee shall not be entitled to payment for a public holiday falling during a period of leave without pay (including sick leave and military leave without pay) unless the employee has worked during the fortnight ending on the day on which the holiday is observed.
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Leave Without Pay. Special leave without pay may be granted within a defined period without automatic right of re-engagement. This provision does not include parental or sick leave.
Leave Without Pay. 19.1 Leave without pay will be granted for the following reasons:
Leave Without Pay. Additional leave without pay may be requested by an employee. The Employer shall make every effort to grant additional compassionate leave of absence without pay. (Reference Article 43 - Leave – Special.)
Leave Without Pay. (a) Subject to operational requirements, the Employer shall grant a leave of absence without pay for personal reasons. The request will not be unreasonably denied. A request by a Nurse for a leave of absence without pay for personal reasons in order to pursue alternate employment with another employer may be denied by the Employer or granted by the Employer at its sole discretion.
Leave Without Pay. In addition to the circumstances specified elsewhere in this Agreement, the Employer, in its discretion may approve a leave without pay for the following reasons specified below. Leaves without pay must be approved or denied by the Employer in writing within fourteen (14) calendar days of the request when practicable and if denied will include the reason for denial. Approval will set a date for the employee’s return to work. Modification of the return date must also be approved in writing by the Employer.
Leave Without Pay. (a) An employee, other than a casual, may request leave without pay in exceptional circumstances when all accrued leave has been exhausted.
Leave Without Pay. An employee wishing to take any leave without pay must give the Company at least 4 weeks' notice. Leave without pay will only be approved at the Company’s absolute discretion. Leave without pay will not be considered as time in service for the accrual of any form of leave. This is an additional entitlement to the Australian Fair Pay and Conditions Standard.