Cornerstone Sample Clauses

Cornerstone shall use its best efforts to register or qualify such shares under such other securities or "blue sky" laws of such jurisdictions as the LLC reasonably requests and do any and all other acts and things which may be reasonably necessary or advisable to enable the LLC to consummate the disposition in such jurisdictions of the Registered Shares (provided that Cornerstone shall not be required to (i) qualify generally to do business in any jurisdiction in which it would not otherwise be required to qualify but for this Section 6.9, (ii) subject itself to taxation in any such jurisdiction, or (iii) consent to general service of process in any such jurisdiction).
Cornerstone shall notify the LLC and confirm such advice in writing (i) when the filing of any post-effective amendment to the Registration Statement or supplement to the Prospectus is required, when the same is filed and, in the case of the Registration Statement and any post-effective amendment, when the same becomes effective, (ii) of any request by the Securities and Exchange Commission for any amendment of or supplement to the Registration Statement or the Prospectus or for additional information and (iii) of the entry of any stop order suspending the effectiveness of the Registration Statement or the initiation or threatening of any proceedings for that purpose, and, if such stop order shall be entered, Cornerstone shall use its best efforts promptly to obtain the lifting thereof.
Cornerstone shall take all steps necessary to enable the LLC to avail itself of the prospectus delivery mechanism set forth in Rule 153 under the Securities Act or any successor thereto.
Cornerstone shall furnish to the LLC, at Cornerstone's expense, such number of copies of the final Prospectus and of each post-effective amendment or supplement thereto, as may reasonably be required in order to facilitate the disposition of the Registered Shares in conformity with the requirements of the Securities Act and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder, but only while Cornerstone is required under the provisions hereof to cause the Registration Statement to remain effective.
Cornerstone has the requisite corporate power and authority to enter into this Agreement and, subject to the requisite Cornerstone stockholder approval of the Merger Agreement and the Merger and any other matters reasonably and timely requested by any other party to effectuate the transactions contemplated by this Agreement (collectively, the "Cornerstone Stockholder Approvals"), to consummate the transactions contemplated by this Agreement to which Cornerstone is a party. The execution and delivery of this Agreement by Cornerstone and the consummation by Cornerstone of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement to which Cornerstone is a party have been duly authorized by all necessary action on the part of Cornerstone, except for and subject to the Cornerstone Stockholder Approvals and the Cornerstone Partner Approvals. This Agreement has been duly executed and delivered by Cornerstone and constitutes a valid and binding obligation of Cornerstone, enforceable against Cornerstone in accordance with and subject to its terms, subject to applicable bankruptcy, insolvency, moratorium or other similar laws relating to creditors' rights and general principles of equity.
Cornerstone. (i) for all taxable years for which the Internal Revenue Service could assert a tax liability, has been subject to taxation as a real estate investment trust (a "REIT") within the meaning of Section 856 of the Code and has satisfied all requirements to qualify as a REIT for all such years, (ii) has operated since December 31, 1999 to the date of this representation, and intends to continue to operate, in such a manner as to qualify as a REIT for the taxable year ending on the earlier of December 31, 2000 or the Closing Date and, if later, for the taxable year of Cornerstone ending on the Closing Date, and (iii) has not taken or omitted to take any action which would reasonably be expected to result in a challenge to its status as a REIT and, to Cornerstone's Knowledge, no such challenge is pending or threatened. Each Cornerstone Subsidiary which is a partnership, joint venture or limited liability company (i) has been since its formation and continues to be treated for federal income tax purposes as a partnership and not as a corporation or an association taxable as a corporation and (ii) has not since the later of its formation or the acquisition by Cornerstone of a direct or indirect interest therein, owned any assets (including, without limitation, securities) that would cause Cornerstone to violate Section 856(c)(4) of the Code. Cornerstone Partnership is not a publicly traded partnership within the meaning of Section 7704(b) of the Code that is taxable as a corporation pursuant to Section 7704(a) of the Code. Each Cornerstone Subsidiary which is a corporation has been since its formation a qualified REIT subsidiary under Section 856(i) of the Code. Neither Cornerstone nor any Cornerstone Subsidiary holds any asset (x) the disposition of which would be subject to rules similar to Section 1374 of the Code as a result of an election under IRS Notice 88-19 or Temporary Treas. Reg. ss.1.337(d)-5T or (y) which is subject to a consent filed pursuant to Section 341(f) of the Code and the regulations thereunder.
Cornerstone has full corporate power and authority to execute, deliver and perform its obligations under this Agreement, and to consummate the transactions set forth herein. The consummation of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement is in the ordinary course of Cornerstone’s business and will not conflict with, or result in a breach of, any of the terms, conditions or provisions of Cornerstone’s charter or by-laws or any legal restriction, or any material agreement or instrument to which Cornerstone is now a party or by which it is bound, or result in the violation of any law, rule, regulation, order, judgment or decree to which Cornerstone or its property is subject. The execution, delivery and performance by Cornerstone of this Agreement and the consummation by it of the transactions contemplated hereby, have been duly authorized by all necessary corporate action on part of Cornerstone. This Agreement has been duly executed and delivered by Cornerstone and, upon the due authorization, execution and delivery by Assignor, Assignee and the Depositor, will constitute the valid and legally binding obligation of Cornerstone enforceable against Cornerstone in accordance with its terms except as enforceability may be limited by bankruptcy, reorganization, insolvency, moratorium or other similar laws now or hereafter in effect relating to creditorsrights generally, and by general principles of equity regardless of whether enforceability is considered in a proceeding in equity or at law; and
Cornerstone. Consistent with the foregoing, it is specifically recognized that the Advisor or one or more of its Affiliates has in the past and may in the future organize, sponsor or otherwise permit to exist other investment vehicles (including vehicles for investment in real estate) and financial and service organizations having "Cornerstone" as a part of their name, all without the need for any consent (and without the right to object thereto) by the Company, the Board or the Operating Partnership.
Cornerstone. Common Shares set forth opposite PGGM on SCHEDULE 1 hereto are the only Cornerstone Common Shares or other Cornerstone or Cornerstone Partnership securities owned beneficially or of record by PGGM or over which it exercises voting control.