Invoices; Payment Sample Clauses

Invoices; Payment. The City will accept invoices no more frequently than once per month. Each invoice shall fully detail the related costs and shall specify the status of the particular task or project as of the date of the invoice with regard to the accepted schedule for that task or project. Payment will be made within forty-five (45) days after receipt of an invoice acceptable to the City, in accordance with the Florida Local Government Prompt Payment Act. If, at any time during the contract, the City shall not approve or accept the Contractor's work product, and agreement cannot be reached between the City and the Contractor to resolve the problem to the City's satisfaction, the City shall negotiate with the Contractor on a payment for the work completed and usable to the City.
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Invoices; Payment. Fees for the Service will be invoiced in accordance with the applicable Order Form. Except as otherwise stated in an Order Form, all fees are quoted and payable in United States dollars and are based on Service rights acquired and not actual usage. Customer shall provide PeopleGuru with complete and accurate billing and contact information including a valid email address for receipt of invoices. Upon receipt of an invoice, Customer shall immediately review same and notify PeopleGuru of any billing errors or invoice adjustments Customer believes it is due. No refund or credit will be given for invoice billing errors or invoice adjustments that are requested more than ninety (90) days after the invoice date. Upon PeopleGuru’s request, Customer will make payments via wire transfer.
Invoices; Payment. Invoices for each Order must show the Order Number, Item Description, Quantity, Price and should itemize applicable State, and/or local taxes separately. SELLER shall include all applicable taxes in their original quote. No additional taxes or costs shall be allowed if added to invoice. If not so itemized, price will be deemed to include all such taxes and the price will not be changed as a result of SELLER’s failure to include therein any such applicable tax. Any verbiage deviating from or non-compliant with agreed upon T&Cs may result in rejected invoice. PROS V awards are exempt from Federal taxes pursuant to FAR 52.229-6. Invoices for payment shall be supported by such documents in such form as BUYER may reasonably require and shall bear such certifications as may be required by this agreement and as may be expressly stated on any Order. SELLER agrees to provide any other requested/required documentation by BUYER, at any time at no additional cost, to facilitate acceptance of asset and to ensure reliability, capability and compliance with any applicable US Government/US Air Force requirements. All payments are contingent upon acceptance by BUYER of the goods or materials supplied or the work performed hereunder and compliance with any requests for documentation. Invoices shall be due and payable within Forty-Five (45) days after BUYER’s receipt of complete SELLER’s Invoice Package (V.I.P.), so long as work or services performed conforms to the Subcontract. Payment terms start when PROS V Finance office receives all required and correct documents. All payments are subject to adjustment for shortage, penalties/administrative fees or rejection. Invoices received with anything other than requested/required information/documentation are subject to being held pending review and resubmission and/or rejected. V.I.P. shall consist of correct invoice, CoC, Proof of Shipment and completed DD-1348-1A (boxes 17-21). FMS and Purchase Order numbers, warranty period must be shown on all required/requested documentation.
Invoices; Payment. Ironclad will invoice Customer annually in advance for the Enterprise Services and each invoice will be due and payable in accordance with the Order Form. All payment obligations are non- cancellable, and other than as provided in the Agreement, all amounts paid are non-refundable. If any undisputed amounts payable by Customer are still outstanding more than fifteen (15) days after Customer receives notice of non-payment, Ironclad will be entitled, in its sole discretion, to withhold performance and discontinue Customer’s access to the Enterprise Services until all undisputed amounts past due are paid in full.
Invoices; Payment. (a) On a schedule that is mutually agreeable to the Parties, Customer shall provide Supplier with a binding purchase order specifying (A) the amount of Ottawa Product and 100-M Product ordered and (B) the time(s) and date(s) during the Week following the date on which the purchase order was submitted that Customer will pick up the Product at the Supplier’s Facility. Purchase orders may be submitted electronically or in hard copy, or in such other manner as may be mutually acceptable to Customer and Supplier. The purchase orders for Ottawa Product submitted by Customer (i) during the Kosse Product Supply Period and during the Transition Period, are anticipated to be in ratio of 1:3 of mesh sizes 20/40 and 30/70, and (ii) during the Wisconsin Product Supply Period, are anticipated to be in ratios of 1:1:1 of mesh sizes 20/40, 30/50 and 40/70, respectively; provided, however, that the Parties acknowledge and agree that the ratios of mesh sizes of Ottawa Product delivered to Customer in all cases during the Kosse Product Supply Period, the Transition Period and the Wisconsin Product Supply Period shall ultimately be determined by the Supplier’s current mine feed and inventory availability of Ottawa Product.
Invoices; Payment. All payments shall be due net seventy-five (75) days following K-C’s receipt of Licensor’s complete and accurate invoice. Licensor agrees to use K-C’s electronic ordering and invoicing system and to receive payment from K-C via an electronic method, when and where available. Invoices for license fees shall be provided after acceptance of the platform and/or deliverables, and shall identify the platform or Statement of Work, as applicable, the period covered, and K-C’s purchase order number.
Invoices; Payment. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties in writing, GCLC shall provide to Artiva for each Work Order one or more separate invoices (to be delivered at intervals specified in such Work Order), such invoice summarizing the Services performed during that period of time under that Work Order and the costs therefor. Artiva shall pay each invoice within [***] days of receipt thereof, in accordance with the applicable schedule of payments specified in such Work Order. Artiva shall not be obligated to pay any amounts in excess of the budget or other payments specified in a Work Order that have not been approved in writing by Artiva in advance.
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Invoices; Payment. 8.1 ARD shall submit original invoices to BioAmber in form, substance and format reasonably acceptable to BioAmber, within sixty days following the QC Release of each Products produced during the term of this Agreement. All invoices must reference BioAmber’s Purchase Order number, contain an itemization of the amount of Product provided in connection with the applicable invoice period and any other information reasonably requested by BioAmber, including the invoices received by ARD related to any costs to be borne by BioAmber pursuant to the Agreement, and must otherwise comply with the provisions of this Agreement and such reasonable requirements as may be prescribed by BioAmber from time to time. Invoices shall be addressed as directed by BioAmber.
Invoices; Payment. The County will invoice the City quarterly for the cost of Extra Hours incurred in the prior quarter. The City shall pay the County the amount due to the County within thirty (30) days of receipt of the invoice. In no event is the City obligated to pay an amount greater than the amount identified as the City’s Obligation in the Lease Supplement in effect for that Fiscal Year.
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