Purchase Order Number Sample Clauses

Purchase Order Number. NETAPP's purchase order number must appear on all invoices, packing lists and bills of lading and shall appear on each package, container or envelope on each shipment made pursuant to such purchase order.
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Purchase Order Number. Purchase Order number. _______________ has been provided to Successful Respondent as of execution date of this OF.
Purchase Order Number. (s) must appear on all correspondence, shipping labels; invoices; and shipping documents, including Packing Sheets, Bills of Lading, and Airway bills.
Purchase Order Number. Purchase order number. _______________ has been provided to Tessellations Incorporated as of execution date of this Order Form.
Purchase Order Number. Description of the Services Description of the deliverables Any additional Terms and Conditions Relevant documents: Specification/project Services proposal Date for Commencement Services Location/Site Date for Completion Service Provider Core Team Charges Retention % (if applicable) In accordance with the provisions of the Contract, you are instructed to proceed with the Services as identified above. The provision of the Services is to commence on the Date for Commencement (as noted above) and are to be completed by the Date for Completion (as noted above). In the event that the Date for Commencement and/or the Date for Completion is/are not noted above you should commence the Services without delay and proceed with the Services with due diligence and complete same in a timely manner. In undertaking the Services, as required under this Task Order, you are to comply with all requirements and the terms and conditions of the Mini-Competition Contract for Electrical Services. SCHEDULE 5: PERFORMANCE EVALUATION REPORT Electrical Services for Local Authorities Mini-Competition Performance Evaluation Details of Mini-Competition Lot No. : Lot 1 - Electrical Services without PSCS Framework Purchaser: Framework Purchaser Contact Name: RFT Reference No.: Name of Service Provider: Service Provider Contact Name: Service Provider Ranking: Details of Contract Awarded: Total Out-turn Cost (incl. VAT): € Comments: Evaluation Completed By - Framework Purchaser Contact Name: Framework Purchaser Contact No: Framework Purchaser email address: Date of Review: Signature: Performance Evaluation of Electrical Services for Local Authorities – Lot 1 Ratings: Excellent Very Good Good Moderate Poor Please give one rating for each criteria. Add comments as required to justify your rating. Evaluation Criteria Rating 1 Adherence to the specified Project Programme Did the Service Provider complete the works within the specified timeframe ? Were any difficulties or delays encountered? Were these difficulties or delays within the control of the Service Provider or his Project Team ? Comments 2 Quality of Workmanship Was the required work completed in a good workmanlike manner ? Did the Project Team demonstrate a desire to complete the work to a high quality ? Comments
Purchase Order Number. Contractor shall render invoices for any Authorized User in accordance with the instructions contained in the order.
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Purchase Order Number. This number can be found on the Agency furnished purchase order.
Purchase Order Number. The PO number(s) must appear on all bills of lading, waybills, invoices, progress billing, packing slips, containers, packages and correspondence.
Purchase Order Number. (a) Where the Customer shall have no policy to issue a Purchase Order Number with an Order, the Customer shall be obliged to notify the Supplier at the time that the Order shall be placed.
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