Certificate of Compliance definition

Certificate of Compliance means the certificate referred to in Section 3.03 of the Servicing Agreement and substantially in the form of Exhibit E to the Servicing Agreement.
Certificate of Compliance means a certificate issued in terms of the Regulations in respect of an electrical installation or part of an electrical installation by an accredited person;
Certificate of Compliance means a document, signed by an authorized representative of Manufacturer, certifying that a particular Batch was Manufactured in accordance with cGMP (if applicable), all other Applicable Law, and the Specifications.

Examples of Certificate of Compliance in a sentence

  • The Servicer shall prepare and deliver such additional reports as required under this Servicing Agreement, including a copy of each Semi-Annual Servicer’s Certificate described in Section 4.01(c)(ii), the annual Certificate of Compliance described in Section 3.03 and the Annual Accountant’s Report described in Section 3.04.

More Definitions of Certificate of Compliance

Certificate of Compliance has the meaning set forth in Section 3.03.
Certificate of Compliance means a document issued by the Town stating that work was done in compliance with approved construction documents and the Codes.
Certificate of Compliance means the certificate or letter from the Director of Lands certifying that the General and Special Conditions of the Government Grant have been complied with to his satisfaction in relation to the whole of the Land;
Certificate of Compliance is a document certifying that the materials, components and equipment covered by the previously submitted Certified Test Report and Product Data have been installed in the Work and that they conform to all the requirements of the Contract.
Certificate of Compliance means a certificate issued to a facility by the director:
Certificate of Compliance means a document prepared by LONZA: (i) listing the manufacturing date, unique Batch number, and quantity of Drug Substance in such Batch, (ii) certifying that such Batch was manufactured in accordance with the Master Production Record and cGMP and (iii) certifying that all Investigative and Corrective Action Reports are completed and approved. The Parties shall from time to time agree upon a format or formats for the Certificate of Compliance to be used under this Agreement.
Certificate of Compliance means, as applicable, that duly executed certificate, substantially the same form as Exhibit B attached hereto to the extent such certificate shall be applicable, of the president, chief financial officer or chief executive officer of Customer, certifying as to the matters set forth in such certificate.