Supplier shall Sample Clauses

Supplier shall a. Ensure that all Supplier Entities performing any In-Scope Work are contractually obligated to comply with these Security Requirements, or requirements that are no less stringent;
Supplier shall. (i) use the Confidential Information only for the purposes of fulfilling Supplier’s obligations under this Order; and (ii) without limiting the requirements under Section 16.2, use the same degree of care with the Confidential Information as with its own confidential information , which shall be at least a reasonable standard of care, to prevent disclosure of the Confidential Information, except to its officers, directors, managers, and employees (collectively, “Authorized Parties”), solely to the extent necessary to permit them to assist the Supplier in performing its obligations under this Order. Supplier agrees that prior to disclosing the Confidential Information to any Authorized Party, Supplier shall advise the Authorized Party of the confidential nature of the Confidential Information and ensure that such party has signed a confidentiality agreement no less restrictive than the terms of this Section. Supplier acknowledges the irreparable harm that shall result to the Buyer if the Confidential Information is used or disclosed contrary to the provisions of this Section. (b) Der Lieferant wird: (i) die Vertraulichen Informationen ausschliesslich zum Xxxxx der Erfüllung der aus dieser Bestellung erwachsenden Verpflichtungen des Lieferanten nutzen; und (ii) ohne Einschränkung der in Abschnitt 16.2 enthaltenen Anforderungen die Vertraulichen Informationen mit demselben Grad an Sorgfalt schützen xxx xx seine eigenen vertraulichen Informationen schützt, jedoch mindestens mit angemessener Sorgfalt, um eine Offenlegung der Vertraulichen Informationen zu vermeiden, ausser gegenüber seinen Führungskräften, Direktoren, Managern und Mitarbeitern (zusammenfassend die „Befugten Parteien“ genannt), jedoch nur soweit dies notwendig ist, damit diese den Lieferanten bei der Erfüllung seiner aus dieser Bestellung erwachsenden Verpflichtungen unterstützen können. Der Lieferant verpflichtet sich, vor der Offenlegung von Vertraulichen Informationen gegenüber den Befugten Parteien, diese auf den vertraulichen Charakter derselben hinzuweisen und sicherzustellen, dass diese Partei eine Vertraulichkeitsvereinbarung unterzeichnet hat, die mindestens ebenso restriktiv ist wie die Bestimmungen dieses Abschnitts. Der Lieferant anerkennt, dass dem Xxxxxx ein nicht wieder gutzumachender Schaden entstünde, falls die Vertraulichen Informationen in Verletzung der Bestimmungen dieses Abschnitts genutzt oder offengelegt würden.
Supplier shall. (A) keep or cause to be kept, and shall procure that each Material Sub-Contractor shall keep or cause to be kept, accurate records relating to the supply of the Services (including records relating to: (i) performance against the Service Levels, the Critical Deliverables and other Deliverables; (ii) information technology and network system validation; (iii) Supplier Personnel; (iv) the Charges; (v) security incidents; (vi) Incident Management; and (vii) any reports in relation to the implementation and performance of the Services required to be produced under this Agreement, including reports prepared pursuant to Schedule 13 (Reports) (“Records”); and
Supplier shall. (i) respond promptly to any Cisco reasonable requests for information, coopera- tion, and assistance in any post-incident investigation, remediation, and communication efforts.
Supplier shall. (i) use all reasonable efforts to prepare for supply of the Components comprising the Consignment Stock as follows: Consignment Stock Component and LRU replacement will be carried out by Supplier within eight (8) days from the date a Component is readied by Customer for pick up by Supplier at the applicable Customer Premises.
Supplier shall. 14.1.1 comply with all applicable laws, statutes, regulations, relating to anti‐bribery and anti‐corruption including but not limited to the Danish Criminal Code and the UK Xxxxxxx Xxx 0000 ("Relevant Requirements");
Supplier shall a. Ensure all Supplier Entities performing In-Scope Work are aware of, and in compliance with, these Security Requirements.
Supplier shall i. Perform analysis that eliminates duplication of benefits for the Community Development Block Grant- Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) Program that will have contracts with six (6) to twenty (20) units of general local government (UGLGs), non-profit organizations, or other entities.