Notice of non Sample Clauses

Notice of non reappointment shall be given on or before April 1 in respect of the first and second reappointments, except in the case of persons who assume the duties of the position on October 1 or later in which case the notice of non-reappointment date shall be May 1. For all subsequent reappointments, employees shall be given notice of non-reappointment on or before March 1.
Notice of non retention shall be as follows:
Notice of non. Discrimination — Whatcom Community College recognizes its responsibility for investigation, resolution, implementation of corrective measures, and monitoring the educational environment and workplace to stop, remediate, and prevent discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, perceived or actual physical or mental disability, pregnancy, genetic information, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, creed, religion, or honorably discharged veteran or military status, or the use of trained guide dog or service animal, as required by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, Sections 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act and ADA Amendment Act, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act and Washington State’s Law Against Discrimination, Chapter 49.60 RCW and their implementing regulations. Employees are also protected from discrimination for filing a whistleblower complaint with the Washington State Auditor. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding non-discrimination policies and Title IX compliance: Executive Director for Human Resources, 000 X. Xxxxxxx Road, Bellingham, WA 98226, (000) 000-0000. WCC publications are available in alternate formats upon request by contacting the Office for Access and Disability Services at (000) 000-0000; VP (000) 000-0000. Article I – Recognition 1 | P a g e ARTICLE II – BOARD UNION RELATIONS
Notice of non. REAPPOINTMENT The Board shall inform a faculty member in writing of a decision not to offer him or her a reappointment in accordance with the following dates:
Notice of non reappointment of a tenure track faculty member shall be given in writing, sent certified mail with return receipt requested, according to the following schedule:
Notice of non reappointment If the Board decides not to reappoint the Chief Executive, the Board will endeavour to give [him/her] written notice of that decision at least [three months] before the expiry of this Agreement.
Notice of non reappointment shall be given to these faculty based on the faculty member’s length of service at the end of the appointment year: ▪ one (1) year or less; notice by March 1 ▪ greater than one (1) year but less than two (2); notice by December 15 ▪ equal to or greater than two (2) years; notice twelve (12) months prior to the expiration of the appointment.(For purposes of this Article only, academic year appointments are assumed to expire on May 15th. Fiscal year appointments expire on June 30th.) Notice of non-reappointment shall be considered timely if it is dated and placed in first class U.S. Mail and simultaneously sent by email or hand-delivered by the notification date.
Notice of non reappointment of a tenure-track Instructor, Assistant Professor, or Associate Professor shall be provided in writing by the Xxxx to the faculty member. The following schedule of notification shall be based upon consecutive years of uninterrupted service as a tenure-track faculty member at the University:
Notice of non. DISCRIMINATION By March 19, 2015, the District will review and revise its Notice of Non-Discrimination to state that the District does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, or disability (the notice may include other bases); and, that this requirement not to discriminate extends to all of its programs and activities, including employment and admission as applicable. Additionally, the notice will reinforce that the District will not tolerate retaliation for reporting harassment, and will take steps to protect those who wish to report harassment anonymously or confidentially. Further, the notice will state that inquiries concerning the application of regulations prohibiting discrimination may be referred to the person(s) designated to coordinate the District’s efforts to comply with all aspects of regulations prohibiting discrimination, or to OCR. The District will ensure that the notice of nondiscrimination is disseminated in languages other than English, as necessary; and is included in each announcement, bulletin, catalog, or application form which it makes available to students, parents, employees, applicants for employment, and all unions or professional organizations holding collective bargaining or professional agreements with the district. The notice will also be posted prominently on District and school websites and at various locations throughout the schools, as well as in electronic and printed publications of general distribution that provide information to students and employees about the schools’ services and policies. REPORTING REQUIREMENT: By, February 5, 2015, the District will provide the revised Notice of Non-Discrimination to OCR for review and approval. OCR will respond within 15 calendar days. Within 30 calendar days of OCR’s approval, the District will provide documentation to OCR (such as a copy of revised materials and publications containing the notice of nondiscrimination, and/or a link to the on-line version of the materials and publications) demonstrating that the approved notice has been disseminated in accordance with the Action Item above. Inserts may be used pending reprinting of the materials and publications.
Notice of non. Use of Field Any organization that has been allocated fields and does not intend to use them according to the permit, shall notify the Allocation Office so that the field(s) can be re-allocated to allow other organizations the opportunity to utilize the fields. Failure to comply with this non-use of a field procedure may also result in revocation of allocated field(s). Xxxxx County Refund Policy applies to all Non-Used Fields.