Pursuant to the Agreement Sample Clauses

Pursuant to the Agreement. De Boer transfers to Transxxxxx, who accepts from De Boer one hundred ninety thousand (190,000) shares in the share capital of the Company, numbered 1 up to and including 180,000 and 421,165 up to and including 431,164, each having a nominal value of ten Netherlands cents (NLG 0.10), which shares are registered in name of De Boer
Pursuant to the Agreement. ESCO grants Con Edison a security interest in said Customers' Accounts and authorizes Con Edison to file, on behalf of ESCO, all financing statements and other documents necessary to perfect said security interest. ESCO shall take no action that is detrimental to the maintenance of Con Edison's priority security interest with right of first access to such Customers' Accounts.
Pursuant to the Agreement. Party A shall perform the liabilities and obligations under the Original Contracts to Party D; in event that Party breaches the contract, Party D shall have the right to make claims against Party A’s breach liabilities pursuant to the Original Contracts.
Pursuant to the Agreement. Allegiant operates flights for Charterer serving Tunica, Mississippi (UTA) utilizing an MD-87 aircraft based at UTA (the "UTA Aircraft"). In addition to, and not in replacement of, the service provided with the UTA Aircraft, Allegiant shall provide supplementary UTA service to Charterer throughout calendar year 2010 utilizing one or more of Allegiant's Florida-based 150-seat MD-83 aircraft or 130-seat MD-87 aircraft, as specified below (collectively, the "Florida Aircraft"). All operations of the Florida Aircraft for Charterer will be governed by the provisions of the Agreement applicable to UTA service, subject to the following:
Pursuant to the Agreement the undersigned Borrower requests a Revolving Credit Advance from the Banks as follows:
Pursuant to the Agreement. Tenant may withhold until Final Completion authorization of payment to Landlord of an amount equal to one hundred fifty percent (150%) of the cost (as reasonably estimated by Tenant) of completing all punch list items.
Pursuant to the Agreement. (a) If a board meeting of XICT is convened to consider any Special Matters, XCTG and HXC should before the meeting communicate and negotiate to reach a consensual decision and thereafter shall procure the directors nominated by each of them to exercise their voting rights at such board meeting in accordance with such decision;
Pursuant to the Agreement. We shall sell and You shall purchase the Total Estimated Volume, with effect that in each Period We shall sell and You shall purchase the Quantity for the relevant Period.
Pursuant to the Agreement the parties agreed that although the Agreement was being executed on May 10, 1996, the Agreement would not be binding or effective unless and until ANSLC concludes an agreement with NavTech reasonably acceptable to ANSLC granting ANSLC license rights in the NavTech technology comparable to those held by Amerigon. ANSLC warrants and represents that ANSLC and NavTech are entering into such an agreement concurrently with the execution of this Addendum. Accordingly, the parties agree that the Effective Date of the Agreement shall be June 12, 1996.
Pursuant to the Agreement. The major terms of the Cooperation Agreement: Qiantu and Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx (the “Parties”) will jointly establish manufacturing base in Changde City, Hunan, whereby Qiantu is responsible for providing professional technology, qualification assets and the Company is responsible for funding and the international distribution channel, so as to jointly develop the new energy vehicle business. Throughout the close cooperation, the Parties will further deepen their respective advantages to achieve mutual benefit. The Parties will jointly set up a company in Changde, Hunan and establish a new manufacturing base, working together to build new-generation electric super cars, and carry out in-depth strategic cooperation in future products manufacturing and development of local industries. Qiantu’s Profile Founded in February 2015, Qiantu is a new-energy vehicle manufacturer situated in Suzhou, which covers an area of 357 mu with a building area of 170,000 m2 and a designed annual manufacturing capacity reaching 50,000 pure electric passenger cars. Its manufacturing facilities consist of Carbon Fiber Molding Workshop, Aluminium-alloy Welding, Preassembly, General Assembly Workshop, Trial-manufacture, R&D Center, etc. To the best of the Directors’ knowledge, information and belief, having made all reasonable enquiries, Qiantu and its ultimate beneficial owners are third parties independent of the Company and its connected persons (as defined under the Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on the GEM of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited) as at the date of this announcement. The Cooperation Agreement is legally binding, but the cooperation details and specific terms and conditions are subject to the further negotiations between both parties and the signing of the definitive and formal agreement. The terms and conditions of cooperation contemplated under the Cooperation Agreement are subject to the terms of any definitive agreements which the Company and Qiantu may subsequently enter into from time to time. As at the date of this announcement, the Company and Qiantu have not entered into any agreements in relation to any specific cooperation projects. If any transaction contemplated under the Cooperation Agreement constitutes a notifiable transaction for the Company under the GEM Listing Rules, further announcement(s) will be made by the Company as and when appropriate in compliance with the GEM Listing Rules. By order of the Board Farnova Group Holdings Limited ...