Refund or credit Sample Clauses

Refund or credit. We will credit your card account with any refund in respect of a card transaction or any payment or other credit due to you at such time as we may determine in accordance with our usual practice after our receipt of the amount of such refund, payment or credit in Singapore and conversion to Singapore dollars, where necessary, in accordance with clause 6.8. Any such refund, payment or credit credited to your card account shall not be remitted to you unless we otherwise determine but shall be applied towards the full or partial discharge of the current balance.
Refund or credit. Any refund or credit (including any interest with respect thereto) of Taxes of the Entities attributable to any taxable period (or portion thereof) ending on or before the Closing Date shall be the property of GSR HOLDINGS to the extent not previously accrued in the Final Settlement Statement, and if Tax refund or credits in excess of that accrued in the Final Settlement Statement is received by MLP or the Entities after the Closing Date, MLP shall promptly notify GSR HOLDINGS of such refund or credit and pay over to GSR HOLDINGS the amount of such refund or credit (net of any Tax liability imposed on MLP or the Entities in connection with the receipt of such refund).
Refund or credit. Upon receipt by a Tax Indemnitee of a refund or credit of all or part of any Taxes paid or indemnified against by Lessee, such Tax Indemnitee shall pay to Lessee an amount equal to the amount of such refund or credit, as the case may be, plus any interest received by or credited to such Tax Indemnitee with respect to such refund or credit increased or decreased, as the case may be, by the Tax Indemnitee’s net additional or saved taxes attributable to the receipt of such amounts from the taxing authority and the payment being made to Lessee hereunder, provided that (i) the Tax Indemnitee shall not be obligated to make a payment to Lessee pursuant to this subsection (f) as long as an Event of Default of the type specified in Section 14(a), (b), (c), (g) or (h) hereof shall have occurred and be continuing or (ii) to the extent the amount of such payment by the Tax Indemnitee to Lessee would exceed the amount of all prior payments by Lessee to the Tax Indemnitee pursuant to paragraph (b) less the amount of all prior payments by the Tax Indemnitee pursuant to this paragraph (f), such excess shall not be paid but shall instead be carried forward and shall reduce Lessee’s obligations to make subsequent payments under paragraph (b) to the Tax Indemnitee. Any subsequent loss or disallowance of such refund or credit in Taxes shall be treated as Taxes subject to Lessee’s indemnity obligation pursuant to this Section 21.1, without regard to the provisions of paragraph (c).
Refund or credit. Net Worth Strategiesrefund policy is within 30 days of purchase date. The following would need to be completed: Immediately destroy all software, digital files, any media (such as a CD-ROM) and documentation that You have received from Net Worth Strategies in connection with the StockOpter® Product. If You wish to receive a refund for cash paid or credit to Your credit card account, You must send Net Worth Strategies an e-mail message to the support address listed in this License Agreement or noted on the Net Worth Strategies Web site at confirming that You have destroyed all Product materials received from Net Worth Strategies. Upon receiving Your e-mail message, Net Worth Strategies will refund Your cash payment or credit Your credit card account for any deposit or fee received in payment for the StockOpter® Product.
Refund or credit. The Corporation agrees that, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, it will either refund or credit to the Member within 30 days after the end of each fiscal year, the proportionate share of all sums that have been collected in excess of the amount needed for expenses of all kinds including reserves.
Refund or credit. In the event that the Buyer or the Subject Companies receives a refund or credit of Taxes for which the Seller or its affiliates bas made a payment pursuant to this Article III (a "Seller's Payment"), the Buyer shall promptly pay to the Seller that portion of such refund or credit which is related to such Seller's Payment. In the event that the Seller receives a refund or credit of Taxes for which Buyer or the Subject Companies has made a payment pursuant to this Article III (a "Buyer's Payment"), the Seller shall promptly pay to the Buyer or the Subject Companies that portion or such refund or credit which is related to such Buyer's Payment. In the event that any refund or credit of Taxes for which a payment has been made pursuant to this section is subsequently reduced or disallowed, the receiving party shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the paying party from any liability for Taxes, assessed against the paying party by reason of the reduction of disallowance.

Related to Refund or credit

  • Refunds or Credits If a Lender or Agent receives a refund, credit or other reduction from a taxation authority for any Taxes or Other Taxes for which it has been indemnified by the Borrower or with respect to which the Borrower has paid additional amounts pursuant to this Section 2.16, it shall within 15 days from the date of such receipt pay over the amount of such refund, credit or other reduction to the Borrower (but only to the extent of indemnity payments made or additional amounts paid by the Borrower under this Section 2.16 with respect to the Taxes or Other Taxes giving rise to such refund, credit or other reduction), net of all reasonable out-of-pocket expenses of such Lender or Agent (as the case may be) and without interest (other than interest paid by the relevant taxation authority with respect to such refund, credit or other reduction); provided, however, that the Borrower agrees to repay, upon the request of such Lender or Agent (as the case may be), the amount paid over to the Borrower (plus penalties, interest or other charges) to such Lender or Agent in the event such Lender or Agent is required to repay such refund or credit to such taxation authority.

  • Loans or credit (a) Except as permitted under paragraph (b) below, no Obligor shall (and the Parent shall ensure that no member of the Group will) be a creditor in respect of any Financial Indebtedness.

  • Service Credit Except as specified otherwise in this Agreement, with respect to Resources Employees, each Resources Plan shall provide that all service, all compensation and all other benefit-affecting determinations that, as of the Distribution Date, were recognized under the corresponding REI Plan shall, as of the Distribution Date, receive full recognition and credit and be taken into account under such Resources Plan to the same extent as if such items occurred under such Resources Plan, except to the extent that duplication of benefits would result. The service crediting provisions shall be subject to any respectively applicable "service bridging," "break in service," "employment date," or "eligibility date" rules under the Resources Plans and the REI Plans.

  • Change in Business or Credit and Collection Policy The Seller will not make any change in the character of its business or in the Credit and Collection Policy that would, in either case, materially adversely affect the collectibility of the Receivables Pool or the ability of the Seller to perform its obligations under this Agreement.

  • Revolving Line of Credit (a) Upon the terms and conditions (including, without limitation, the right of the Lender to decline to make any Loan so long as any Default or Event of Default exists) and relying on the representations and warranties contained in this Agreement, the Lender agrees, during the Commitment Period, to make Loans, in immediately available funds at the Applicable Lending Office or the Principal Office, to or for the benefit of the Borrower, from time to time on any Business Day designated by the Borrower following receipt by the Lender of a Borrowing Request; provided, however, no Loan shall exceed the then existing Available Commitment.

  • Prior Service Credit An employee who held a term appointment on the date of termination by reason of retrenchment shall be granted a new term appointment for the balance of the term that was in effect on the effective date of either retrenchment or the commencement of a desig- nated leave, whichever is sooner, and with all prior continuous service in the University up to a maximum of four years for purposes of eligibility for permanent appointment.

  • Amount and Nature of Credit (a) Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Lenders, during the Commitment Period and to the extent hereinafter provided, shall make Loans to the Borrower, participate in Swing Loans made by the Swing Line Lender to the Borrower, and issue or participate in Letters of Credit at the request of the Borrower, in such aggregate amount as the Borrower shall request pursuant to the Commitment; provided that in no event shall the aggregate principal amount of all Loans and Letters of Credit outstanding under this Agreement be in excess of the Total Commitment Amount.

  • Compensation for Facility Letters of Credit (a) The Borrower shall pay to the Administrative Agent, for the ratable account of the Revolving Lenders, based upon such Lenders’ respective Percentages, a per annum fee (the “Facility Letter of Credit Fee”) with respect to each Facility Letter of Credit that is equal to (i) the LIBOR Applicable Margin in effect from time to time in the case of Financial Letters of Credit, and (ii) the LIBOR Applicable Margin from time to time minus 0.25% in the case of Performance Letters of Credit. The Facility Letter of Credit Fee relating to any Facility Letter of Credit shall be due and payable in arrears in equal installments on the first Business Day of each month following the issuance of any Facility Letter of Credit and, to the extent any such fees are then due and unpaid, on the Maturity Date. The Administrative Agent shall promptly remit such Facility Letter of Credit Fees, when paid, to the other Revolving Lenders in accordance with their Percentages thereof. The Borrower shall not have any liability to any Lender for the failure of the Administrative Agent to promptly deliver funds to any such Lender and shall be deemed to have made all such payments on the date the respective payment is made by the Borrower to the Administrative Agent, provided such payment is received by the time specified in Section 2.13 hereof.

  • Pledge of Credit Now or hereafter pledge Agent’s or any Lender’s credit on any purchases or for any purpose whatsoever or use any portion of any Advance in or for any business other than such Borrower’s business as conducted on the date of this Agreement.

  • Credit The Credit awarded in section 2 of this Agreement will be allocated to Taxpayer by taxable year as set forth in Exhibit A, provided that Taxpayer achieves the Milestones associated with the applicable taxable year, which includes all investments agreed to in the prior years, as set forth in Exhibit A. Taxpayer acknowledges and agrees that, an allocated portion of the Credit is earned by Taxpayer in the taxable year when the Milestones associated with that allocated portion of the Credit are achieved and to avoid recapture, Taxpayer must maintain such Milestones for three (3) subsequent taxable years. All required Milestones identified on a taxable year basis in Exhibit A, must be met in order to earn the allocated portion of the Credit. In the event Taxpayer satisfies the taxable year Milestones in an earlier taxable year than described in Exhibit A (no earlier than taxable year 2017), upon written approval from GO-Biz, Taxpayer may claim the allocated portion of the Credit in the 1325 J Street, 18th FLOOR, SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA 95814 earlier taxable year when the Milestones are achieved. If Taxpayer satisfied certain taxable year Milestones in an earlier taxable year than described in Exhibit A (no earlier than taxable year 2017), and received written approval from GO-Biz to claim the Credit in the earlier taxable year, then Taxpayer need only maintain such Milestone for three (3) subsequent taxable years to avoid recapture as further described in Section 10. In the event that Taxpayer fails to satisfy each Milestone identified in Exhibit A in the taxable year associated with those Milestones including all Investments agreed to in the prior years, no portion of the Credit will be considered earned in that taxable year, but GO-Biz will not unreasonably deny the Credit to Taxpayer for immaterial variances from the Milestones. In determining whether Taxpayer satisfies each Investment Milestone, Taxpayer may include the aggregate amount of Investment made in prior taxable years (beginning with taxable year 2017) that was in excess of the cumulative Investment Milestones for such taxable years. Any allocated portion of the Credit associated with a specific taxable year in Exhibit A, which is not earned in that year due to failure to achieve the Milestones associated with that taxable year will be earned in the taxable year in which the Milestones are met, but in no event later than the last taxable year identified in Exhibit A.