Invoices and Payments Sample Clauses

Invoices and Payments. 5.5.1 The Contractor shall invoice the County only for providing the tasks, deliverables, goods, services, and other work specified in Exhibit A - Statement of Work and elsewhere hereunder. The Contractor shall prepare invoices, which shall include the charges owed to the Contractor by the County under the terms of this Contract. The Contractor’s payments shall be as provided in Exhibit B (Pricing Schedule) and the Contractor shall be paid only for the tasks, deliverables, goods, services, and other work approved in writing by the County. If the County does not approve work in writing no payment shall be due to the Contractor for that work.
Invoices and Payments. Contractor will submit invoices describing for each day by each authorized person the specific time spent on each separate item or topic worked on, as directed by YHI. All Contractor Fees will be invoiced within sixty (60) days of performance of the Services upon which they are based, and all Expenses will be invoiced within sixty (60) days of being incurred, and only so long as the invoice therefor is accompanied by copies of actual receipts. Submission of an invoice is a representation by Contractor that it is true and complete, and any time for the period covered by the invoice that are not included therein will not be paid by YHI. If Services are on a fixed-price basis, Contractor will invoice YHI in accordance with this Agreement. Accepted amounts will be paid within forty five (45) days of receipt by YHI of a proper invoice, subject to the terms of this Agreement. If YHI is unable to pay because of cash flow limitations arising from YHI's reliance on release of federal grant funds to pay Contractor, this period will be extended. A proper invoice will contain the billing detail required by YHI and all supporting documentation, including actual receipts for all approved Expenses for which reimbursement is sought by Contractor hereunder. The Contractor will submit an original invoice and one copy for services performed to: Executive Director Your Health Idaho 1010 Jefferson Street Boise, Idaho 83702
Invoices and Payments. 1. Grantee will provide DEO’s Agreement Manager invoices in accordance with the requirements of the State of Florida Reference Guide for State Expenditures ( ditures.pdf), with detail sufficient for a proper pre-audit and post-audit thereof. Grantee shall comply with the Invoice Submittal and Payment provisions of Section 10 of Attachment 1, Scope of Work, and with the following requirements:
Invoices and Payments. 4.01 Invoices
Invoices and Payments. Within thirty (30) days after the end of each month in which Development Activities are performed, NovaDel shall invoice Licensee for any costs and expenses incurred by NovaDel or its Affiliates in such month. Each invoice shall be payable to NovaDel within thirty (30) days after invoice date.
Invoices and Payments. Payment in full of the Sales Price of each --------------------- Product and the corresponding Related Charges indicated in Sections 8.1 and 8.2 above shall be due and payable in U.S. dollars to the Company not later than on the Date of Delivery. Invoices will be submitted upon shipment; provided, that, if any Related Charges and other applicable charges are invoiced subsequently to shipment such shall be payable in full in U.S. dollars not later than thirty (30) days of the date of such invoices. All payments shall be made by irrevocable, transferable and divisible letter of credit opened at Distributor's expense, issued or confirmed by a U.S. bank specified by or acceptable to the Company, in accordance with the provisions of Section 8.5 hereof. The Company may cancel a Purchase Order, without any liability, if Distributor does not make full payment in accordance with these provisions.
Invoices and Payments. (i) Invoices shall be on a Monthly basis and shall be prepared by the Company and submitted to BPDB no sooner than 7 (seven) Days after the end of the Month for which such invoice is applicable and shall show the due date of the invoice within 30 (thirty) Business Days after date of issuance of the relevant invoice.
Invoices and Payments. A. It is understood that payment to the Contractor by COG is dependent upon COG’s receipt of funds from its sponsoring agencies.
Invoices and Payments. (a) The Initial Invoice shall be payable on the Effective Date. Subject to Section 4.2(b) below, Athens shall make payment of the amount shown under all other invoices rendered pursuant to Section 4.1(d) above to be due to NGrid by wire transfer to an account specified by NGrid not later than the thirty-fifth (35th) day after issuance of the invoice, unless such day is not a Business Day, in which case Athens shall make payment on the next Business Day after the thirty-fifth (35) day after issuance of such invoice. All such payments shall be deemed to be made when said wire transfer is received by NGrid. Overdue payments by either Party hereunder shall accrue interest daily at the then current prime interest rate (the base corporate loan interest rate) published in the Money and Investing section of the Wall Street Journal, or, if no longer so published, in any mutually agreeable publication, plus 2% per annum, from the due date of such unpaid amount until the date paid.