Certificate of Analysis definition

Certificate of Analysis means a document signed by an authorized representative of Manufacturer, describing Specifications for, and testing methods applied to, Product, and the results of testing.
Certificate of Analysis means a document prepared by Lonza listing tests performed by Lonza or approved External Laboratories, the Specifications and test results.
Certificate of Analysis means the document identifying the results of the Methods of Analysis for a specific Batch of Product in a form agreed to by the Parties in writing but which shall include, without limitation, the applicable Product Batch’s manufacturing date, expiration date, lot number and testing results and data.

Examples of Certificate of Analysis in a sentence

  • Marker shall visually inspect Product promptly following delivery, and if Marker determines that the Product is not in accordance with the Product Requirements, the Certificate of Analysis or contains obvious defects (“Defective Product”), Marker shall promptly notify Supplier in writing of the same within thirty (30) calendar days following delivery.

  • All Crude Oil delivered to the Terminal by Customer shall meet the applicable Crude Oil Specifications for such Crude Oil.3.3 SDS and Certificate of Analysis.

  • This Certificate of Compliance, a Certificate of Analysis, the Specifications, and a complete and accurate copy of the Batch records (collectively, the “Batch Documentation”) for each Batch of Product will be delivered to Tectonic by a reputable overnight courier or by registered or certified mail, postage prepaid, return receipt required to verify delivery date.

  • Manufacturer shall provide MGPI with all necessary and customary shipping documents, including, without limitation, Bill of Lading, Certificate of Analysis (“COA”), Certificates of Quantity.

More Definitions of Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Analysis means the report prepared for the requester about the analytical testing performed and the results obtained by a laboratory.
Certificate of Analysis means a certificate evidencing the analytical tests conducted on a specific lot of Product reflecting that such Product and any Raw Materials used therein conform to the relevant Specifications and applicable regulations and setting forth, inter alia, the items tested and test results, and accompanied by all documentation required by Applicable Law and/or a Regulatory Authority to Commercialize the Product in the Territory.
Certificate of Analysis means a certificate of analysis that certifies that a given batch of Product meets the release Product Specifications.
Certificate of Analysis has the meaning set forth in the Quality Agreement.
Certificate of Analysis means a document, signed by an authorized representative of Hospira, describing the Product Specifications of and testing methods applied to the Product, and the results thereof.
Certificate of Analysis. (COA) means a document produced by a testing laboratory listing the quantities of the various analytes for which testing was performed.
Certificate of Analysis means a written certificate listing the items tested, Manufacturer, specifications, testing methods and test results for a specific Batch.