Amounts Payable Sample Clauses

Amounts Payable. (a) AHS shall pay the Operator for the Services provided at the Facility during the Term in accordance with this Agreement based on the provisions in Schedule “B”. The parties acknowledge that the Service Fees do not represent payment for any surgical services provided by Physicians that can be billed by such Physicians directly to Alberta Health and further acknowledge that AHS is not by this Agreement undertaking any liability or responsibility for the payment for professional surgical services rendered at the Facility apart from the amounts described in Schedule “B”.
Amounts Payable. (a) The Company hereby covenants and agrees to repay the loan, as follows: on or before any Interest Payment Date for the Bonds or any other date that any payment of interest, premium, if any, or principal or Purchase Price is required to be made in respect of the Bonds pursuant to the Indenture, until the principal of, premium, if any, and interest on the Bonds shall have been fully paid or provision for the payment thereof shall have been made in accordance with the Indenture, in immediately available funds, a sum which, together with any other moneys available for such payment in any account of the Bond Fund, will enable the Trustee to pay the amount payable on such date as Purchase Price or principal of (whether at maturity or upon redemption or acceleration or otherwise), premium, if any, and interest on the Bonds as provided in the Indenture, including, without limitation, upon a Determination of Taxability; provided, however, that the obligation of the Company to make any payment hereunder shall be deemed satisfied and discharged to the extent of the corresponding payment made by the Credit Provider to the Trustee under the Credit Facility, or as provided in Section 6.09 while the Bonds bear interest at a Bank Rate other than during the Initial Bank Rate Period.
Amounts Payable. Amounts that are due according to this § 12 shall be invoiced and paid in accordance with § 22 (Invoicing and Payment).
Amounts Payable. The Company reserves the right to set off against amounts payable to Executive hereunder any amounts owed by Executive to the Company.
Amounts Payable. (a) The Borrower shall repay the Loan in installments payable to the Trustee as follows:
Amounts Payable. (a) The Service Provider shall deliver to AHS sufficient supporting documentation (as determined by AHS in its discretion) detailing the Services performed on a monthly basis (“Supporting Documentation”). The Supporting Documentation must be delivered to AHS no later than fifteen (15) days after the end of the month in which the Services were performed. AHS has the right to refuse payment where AHS receives the Supporting Documentation more than sixty (60) days after the end of the month in which the Services were performed in accordance with this Agreement. AHS shall provide prompt notice to the Service Provider if the Supporting Documentation is not acceptable together with details regarding the deficiency and the Service Provider shall correct the deficiency promptly.
Amounts Payable. (a) The Borrower shall repay the Loan at zero-interest in principal installments payable to the Trustee semiannually on the Principal Payment Dates, in accordance with the schedule set forth in Exhibit A-2 attached hereto and made a part hereof, as the same may be amended or modified by the State, in particular, without limitation, to make any adjustments to the amount of the Loan in accordance with the definition thereof; provided, however, that the amount of any reduction in the principal amount of the Loan pursuant to N.J.A.C. 7:22-3.26 shall be credited to the principal payments set forth in Exhibit A-2 in inverse order of their maturity. The obligations of the Borrower under the Borrower Bond shall be deemed to be amounts payable under this Section 3.03. Each payment made to the Trustee pursuant to the Borrower Bond shall be deemed to be a credit against the corresponding obligation of the Borrower under this Section 3.03, and any such payment made to the Trustee shall fulfill the Borrower’s obligation to pay such amount hereunder and under the Borrower Bond. Each payment made to the Trustee pursuant to this Section 3.03 shall be applied to the principal of the Loan.
Amounts Payable. All amounts payable under this Sublease by Subtenant are payable directly to Sublandlord.
Amounts Payable. A. The amounts payable under this Grant shall not exceed:
Amounts Payable. Any amount to be paid to Indemnified Parties by Indemnitors under this Agreement shall be a demand obligation, immediately due and payable, which Indemnitors hereby promise to pay, and shall bear interest at the monetary default interest rate provided for in the Note. Payments under this Agreement shall not reduce Borrower's obligations and liabilities under the Note or other Loan Documents.