EARLY TERMINATION CLAUSE. If Owner terminates the management agreement before the end of a lease or an extension thereof, the Owner shall be obligated to pay the Agent at once two times the yearly commissions on the lease plus all commissions due and unpaid at that time and all monies of any nature expended by the Agent on the Owner’s behalf. The security deposit will be released upon a properly signed and executed release agreement entered into by the tenant, Owner and Agent in form and language approved by the Agent. Owner may prematurely terminate this agreement if Agent fails to rent the property within four months of the date hereof, provided that Owner pays Agent for all accumulated charges.
EARLY TERMINATION CLAUSE. Beginning November 1, 2017, Tenant has unilateral right to cancel the lease at any time by proving Landlord with a six (6) month written notice. The early termination notice and payments thereon are acknowledged by both parties, as the entire amount due and, upon payment of all amounts due, Tenant is absolved from the obligations outlined in this document and by reference, in the lease agreement dated May 21, 2007, and addendum thereto dated October 12, 2007. All other terms, covenants and conditions of the Lease shall remain in full force and in effect. In the event of any conflicts between the terms and conditions of the Lease and the terms and conditions of this Lease Amendment, the terms and conditions of this Lease Amendment shall prevail.
EARLY TERMINATION CLAUSE. Tenant may, upon 30 days' written notice to Landlord, terminate this lease provided that the Tenant pays a termination charge equal to 2 months' rent or the maximum allowable by law, whichever is less. Termination will be effective as of the last day of the calendar month following the end of the 30 day notice period. Termination charge will be in addition to all rent due up to the termination day. ________ (Tenant’s Initials) Extenuating circumstances will be considered for a 1 month termination charge.
EARLY TERMINATION CLAUSE. Unless modified by an addendum, if you:
EARLY TERMINATION CLAUSE. 6.5 Tenant Installation by tenant
EARLY TERMINATION CLAUSE. The Landlord will have the right, at any time after the 78th month of the Term including any further extension or renewal thereof, to terminate this Lease on 18 months’ written notice (the “Termination Notice”) to the Tenant, for any reason. For clarity the Termination cannot be effective sooner than the end of 96th month from the Commencement Date. The Tenant estimates that it will spend up to $2,500,000 to complete the improvements described below (the “Tenant Improvements”). The actual bona fide, out-of-pocket third party costs incurred by the Tenant in order to complete the Tenant Improvements are referred to herein as the “Tenant Costs” and for purposes of this section will be capped at $2,500,000 and will be amortized over 10 years on a straight line basis. In the event the Landlord exercises its right to terminate the Lease pursuant to this Section and the Lease terminates effective after the end of the seventh lease year, the Landlord will reimburse the Tenant an amount equal to the unamortized Tenant Costs in the year in which the Lease terminates multiplied by the percentage set out across from such year in the table below: Lease Year in Which Termination Date Occurs Percentage of Unamortized TI Costs 8 30% 9 20% 10 10% Within 30 days of opening for business, the Tenant will provide to the Landlord documentation and receipts that confirm the actual amount of the Tenant Costs and evidence that such costs have been paid. The Tenant acknowledges and agrees that in no event will more than $2,500,000 of Tenant Costs be amortized pursuant to this section in order to calculate any amount to be reimbursed by the Landlord to the Tenant. For greater certainty, in the event the Tenant Costs are less than $2,500,000, the lesser amount will be used for purposes of such calculation. 198581-366084 C-2 VDO_DOCS #1438539 v. 2 Tenant Improvements: [REDACTED]
EARLY TERMINATION CLAUSE. Early termination clause for Service provision contracts Contracts for the provision of Services must include an early termination clause in accordance with the following model: “Either of the parties may terminate this contract by giving 90 daysprior notice in the hypothetical case of (a) Fundación Bancaria Caixa d’Estalvis i Pensions de Barcelona, ”la Caixa” no longer having an indirect holding in CaixaBank S.A. through Criteria Caixa S.A.U. of 30% or more of the share capital and voting rights of CaixaBank S.A., or
EARLY TERMINATION CLAUSE. If Resident finds it necessary to terminate this agreement prior to its expiration date or for reasons other than provided for by law, then Resident by law may use the following procedure: (a) Resident will give Landlord written notice at least sixty (60) days prior to the next rent payment due date; (b) Pay rent through the cancellation date selected: (c) Deliver keys the day moving out; (d) Pay in addition to the foregoing, an amount equal to two months rent as stated us Section 5 prior to mowing out; (e) Pay a re-rental fee of $200.00; (f) Leave the premises in good condition when moving out, and (g) Repay all concessions. But, if Resident does not move out on or before the cancellation date stated in the notice, then, at the election of Landlord, such notice shall lapse and become ineffective to so terminate this Agreement, and the Resident shall be responsible for all rent loss, redecorating and administrative expenses incurred by the Landlord as well as any other expenses resulting from the breach of the Lease Agreement.
EARLY TERMINATION CLAUSE. LESSEE shall have the option to terminate this lease, by giving written notice of that intention and identifying the early termination date to LESSOR at least 90 days prior.
EARLY TERMINATION CLAUSE. In case of lack of fulfillment by one of the parties of his obligations to the stated conditions in this agreement, this agreement might be terminated by the initiative of the other party. However, the termination cannot take effect until after the expiration of a delay of 30 days prior to which the other party had received a notice addressed by registered mail with an acknowledgment of receipt requesting him to fulfill or respect his obligations without having obtained any results. Nevertheless, the termination could be effective without prior notice where the non-respected obligation can no longer be fulfilled by the Athlete, notably in the following cases : - if the « Athlete » ceases to faithfully practice his sports , - if the « Athlete » is disqualified because of doping, or use of substances not compatible with the fair practice of his sports , - if the Athlete has made a false declaration or warranty - if the « Athlete » is disqualified because he does not respect sporting rules set up and applicable to him in the performance of his sport In the case of an early termination on the part of the « Athlete » or because of a fault on his part (as for instance in case of doping), or in case of death, « Salomon » will not be obliged to pay the entire lump sum due for the current season. In the other case of termination, the portion of the lump sum due on the date of termination will be calculated on a prorata temporis. Salomon is authorized to use all promotional or other materials up to exhaustion and for specific videos or materials used without notion of stocks or quantity for six months after the end of the contractual year in course of performance at the time of termination.