Pay Rent Sample Clauses

Pay Rent. (i) Pay the Rent and any other sums due to the Landlord's Agent in the manner set out in this Agreement, whether formally demanded or not.
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Pay Rent. 3.1.1 To pay the reserved rents at the times and in the manner aforesaid without any deduction whatsoever
Pay Rent. Pay the rent and any other sums due to the Landlord whether demanded or not on time and in the manner specified in this Agreement. The rent should be paid in full without any deductions or set-off except for any reasonable deduction where the Landlord is in genuine breach of his repairing or other obligations under this Agreement and where the Landlord or the Landlord’s Agent have given prior written consent that a specified reasonable deduction or set-off may be made.
Pay Rent. The Tenant shall pay to the Landlord all Rent hereby reserved --------- and all other monies to be paid by the Tenant in the manner herein provided.
Pay Rent. Tenant agrees to pay when due and without notice, demand, offset or deduction all Rent and all charges for utility services rendered to the Premises not included in Rent and, as Additional Rent, all charges of Landlord for Additional Services.
Pay Rent. To pay the Rent Instalments on the Rent Instalment Due Dates specified in the Schedule. The first payment is due on the first Rent Instalment Due Date as set out on the Schedule and then subsequent Rent Instalments must be paid in accordance with the Payment Frequency during the Lease Term.
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Pay Rent. 1. The Tenant will pay the Rent in advance installments by the Payment Method on the Rent Days.
Pay Rent. (a) To pay the Principal Rent, the Second Rent, [the Third Rent], the Insurance Rent and the Service Charge at the times and in the manner required by clause 2 without deduction or set off and to pay the Principal Rent, the Second Rent[, the Third Rent] and the Fixed Charge (as defined in Schedule 5) by bankers standing order or similar form of bank transfer if so required by the Landlord.
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