A month definition

A month means a month according to Gregorian calendar.

Examples of A month in a sentence

  • A month is defined as the first day of a calendar month through the last day of the month.

  • A month before Autumn Quarter be- gins, students get the chance to learn basic research and inquiry skills in a supportive, yet challenging, environment.

  • A month after that speech, Putin, when confronted by a Western journalist over the non- independent nature of the three primary Russian TV stations, quickly refuted the allegations, referring to the joint-stock nature of two of the station’s ownership, even though the state and Putin loyalists held majority shares.

  • A month (except where a calendar month is stated) is the period upon which Customer's monthly fixed charges and consumption are computed and bills rendered.

  • A month later, the LPA organised public hearings to present and consult the document with all the relevant and interested stakeholders.

More Definitions of A month

A month means a period starting on one day in a calendar month and ending on the numerically corresponding day in the next calendar month, except that:
A month means a period of 4 consecutive working weeks;
A month means a calendar month.
A month means a calendar month without regard to the number of days in that month.
A month. : shall mean a calendar month.
A month means a calendar month