Suspension of Sample Clauses

Suspension of a full-time or regular faculty employee may be with or without pay and benefits. However, consistent with a progressive disciplinary model, an episode of suspension with pay and benefits will normally precede an episode of suspension without pay and benefits.
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Suspension of. Three (3)
Suspension of employment If the Board forms the opinion that grounds may exist that would entitle the Board to remove the Chief Executive from office, the Board, by written notice to the Chief Executive, may suspend the Chief Executive from duty under this Agreement on full remuneration for such period and upon such other conditions as the Board thinks fit.
Suspension of. Funds and Services
Suspension of. Work Licensor shall have the right to require Licensee to suspend immediately any work being performed or to be performed by or for Licensee hereunder whenever in Licensor's sole reasonable opinion such work is being performed or is to be performed in a manner contrary to any of the provisions of this Agreement or in any manner which might cause injury to persons or damage to property. Such suspend notice shall be in writing. Licensor’s failure to require suspension of any such work shall not be deemed approval thereof by Licensor Subject to limitation of liability provisions herein, if Licensee fails to suspend work after notification by Licensor to do so, the Licensee shall assume complete responsibility. Licensee shall not resume any work so suspended until Licensor has given Licensee written approval to do so, which shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.
Suspension of. Effectiveness Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, Holdings shall be entitled to delay or postpone the effectiveness of the Registration Statement, and from time to time to require the Investor not to sell under the Registration Statement or to suspend the effectiveness thereof, if (x) the use of the Registration Statement would require the inclusion of financial statements that are unavailable for reasons beyond Holdings’ control, (y) Holdings determines that in order for the Registration Statement to not contain a material misstatement or omission, an amendment thereto would be needed to include information that would at that time not otherwise be required in a current, quarterly, or annual report under the Exchange Act, or if (z) such filing or use could materially affect a bona fide business or financing transaction of Holdings or its subsidiaries or would require additional disclosure by Holdings in the Registration Statement of material information that Holdings has a bona fide business purpose for keeping confidential (each such circumstance, a “Suspension Event”). Upon receipt of any written notice from Holdings of the happening of any Suspension Event during the period that the Registration Statement is effective or if as a result of a Suspension Event the Registration Statement or related prospectus contains any untrue statement of a material fact or omits to state any material fact required to be stated therein or necessary to make the statements therein, in light of the circumstances under which they were made (in the case of the prospectus) not misleading, Holdings agrees that it will immediately discontinue offers and sales of the Holdings Shares under the Registration Statement until the Buyer receives copies of a supplemental or amended prospectus that corrects the misstatement(s) or omission(s) referred to above and receives notice that any post-effective amendment has become effective or unless otherwise notified by Holdings that it may resume such offers and sales; provided, for the avoidance of doubt, that Holdings shall not include any material non-public information in any such written notice. If so directed by Holdings, the Buyer will deliver to Holdings or destroy all copies of the prospectus covering the Holdings Shares in the Buyer’s possession. It is a condition precedent to the obligations of Holdings to take any action pursuant to this Article IV that the Buyer shall cooperate with Holdings in providing t...
Suspension of. Work The contractor shall, on receipt of the order in writing of the Engineer-in-Charge, (whose decision shall be final and binding on the contractor) suspend the progress of the works or any part thereof for such time and in such manner as the Engineer-in-Charge may consider necessary so as not to cause any damage or injury to the work already done or endanger the safety thereof for any of the following reasons:
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Suspension of. M2M Settlement when a Request for Taps on NY-NJ PARs to Prevent Overuse is Refused. If a Party requests that taps be taken on any NY- NJ PAR to reduce the requesting Party’s overuse of the other Party’s transmission system, refusal by the other Party or its Transmission Owner(s) to permit taps to be taken to reduce overuse shall result in the NY-NJ PAR settlement component of M2M (see Section 8.3 above) being suspended until the tap request is granted.
Suspension of. LAKE MINE The following shall apply only to those Lake mine site employees who have been given notice of lay-off (with no reasonable expectation of being recalled), and; who may be interested in becoming employed at the Lake mine site should a position for which they may be qualified, become available at the Lake mine site:
Suspension of. SERVICE In the event charges due pursuant to CTSLC's invoice are not paid in full by the Due Date, CTSLC shall have the right, after giving Customer ten
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