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To rent means to lease, to sublease, to let, or otherwise to grant for consideration the right to
To rent means to lease, to sublease, to let, or otherwise to grant for consideration the right to occupy premises not owned by the occupant.
To rent means to lease, to sublease, to let, or otherwise to grant for a

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  • To rent a locker, please contact a member of FMSA council via email or by stopping by the council office, located on the first floor of Taché Hall (T115).

  • Download: Adobe PDF, MS Word, OpenDocument Equipment Lease Agreement – To rent any type of device, tools, or similar item.

  • To rent or place for rent, mineral, oil, or gas property or to collect rent or royalties from mineral, oil, or gas property or improvements thereon.

  • To rent" includes to lease, sublease, or let, or to grant in any other manner, for a consideration, the right to occupy premises not owned by the occupant.

  • To rent offices, rent and purchase equipment and facilities necessary for their operations.

  • To rent, lease, or equip any building or any land necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter.

  • To rent ramp equipment to Company's Customers and to maintain ramp equipment owned by Company or Company’s Customers.

  • To rent a car, you should be at least 26 (for the cheapest rates) and have a valid US driver’s license.

  • To rent a car from Enterprise, first call the business office to obtain a purchase order number.

  • To rent R-rated DVDs or M- rated video games you must be at least 18 years of age and show proof of age, or be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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To rent means to lease, to sublease, to let, or to
To rent includes means to lease, to sublease, to let, or
To rent means to lease, to sublease, to let, or otherwise to grant for consideration the right to 2510 occupy premises not owned by the occupant. 2511 § 36-143. Deposit of money; expenditures; investments. 2512 All money belonging to the Fund shall be deposited in an account or accounts in banks or trust 2513 companies organized under the laws of the Commonwealth or in national banking associations located in 2514 Virginia or in savings and loan associations institutions located in Virginia organized under the laws of 2515 the Commonwealth or the United States. The money in these accounts shall be paid by check signed by 2516 the Executive Director of the HDA or other officers or employees designated by the Commissioners of 2517 the HDA. All deposits of money shall, if required by the Director of the Department of Housing and 2518 Community Development, be secured in a manner determined by the Director of the Department of 2519 Housing and Community Development to be prudent. All banks, trust companies and savings and loan 2520 associations are authorized to give security for the deposits. Money in the Fund shall not be commingled 2521 with other money of the HDA. Money in the Fund not needed for immediate use or disbursement may 2522 be invested or reinvested by the HDA at the direction and guidance of the Director of the Department of 2523 Housing and Community Development in obligations or securities which are considered lawful 2524 investments for public funds under the laws of the Commonwealth. All interest and earnings accrued 2525 from investments of moneys from the Fund shall be used to increase the amount available in the Fund. 2526 § 38.2-1432. Savings, certificates, etc. 2527 A domestic insurer may invest in any of the following: 2528 1. Interest-bearing checking or savings accounts, certificates of deposit, or other short-term
To rent a room or other accommodation means to obtain the right to us or occupy the room or other accommodation.

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  • Additional Rent means all sums (exclusive of Base Rent) that Tenant is required to pay Landlord under this Lease. Tenant shall pay and be liable for all rental, sales and use taxes (but excluding income taxes), if any, imposed upon or measured by Rent. Base Rent and recurring monthly charges of Additional Rent shall be due and payable in advance on the first day of each calendar month without notice or demand, provided that the installment of Base Rent for the first full calendar month of the Term, and the first monthly installment of Additional Rent for Expenses and Taxes, shall be payable upon the execution of this Lease by Tenant. All other items of Rent shall be due and payable by Tenant on or before 30 days after billing by Landlord. Rent shall be made payable to the entity, and sent to the address, Landlord designates and shall be made by good and sufficient check or by other means acceptable to Landlord. Tenant shall pay Landlord an administration fee equal to 5% of all past due Rent, provided that Tenant shall be entitled to a grace period of 5 days for the first 2 late payments of Rent in a calendar year. In addition, past due Rent shall accrue interest at 12% per annum. Landlord’s acceptance of less than the correct amount of Rent shall be considered a payment on account of the earliest Rent due. Rent for any partial month during the Term shall be prorated. No endorsement or statement on a check or letter accompanying payment shall be considered an accord and satisfaction. Tenant’s covenant to pay Rent is independent of every other covenant in this Lease.

  • Rent as used in this Section 21 shall be deemed to be and to mean all sums of every nature required to be paid by Tenant pursuant to the terms of this Lease, whether to Landlord or to others. As used in Sections 21(c)(ii)(A) and (B), above, the “worth at the time of award” shall be computed by allowing interest at the Default Rate. As used in Section 21(c)(ii)(C) above, the “worth at the time of award” shall be computed by discounting such amount at the discount rate of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco at the time of award plus 1%.

  • Basic Rent means Basic Rent as defined in Paragraph 6.

  • Base Rent $6,048.00 per month ("Base Rent"), payable on the 1ST day of each month commencing August 01, 1999. (Also see Paragraph 4.) [x] If this box is checked, this Lease provides for the Base Rent to be adjusted per Addendum 49, attached hereto.

  • Annual Rent means a peppercorn (if demanded).

  • Lease or rental means the leasing or renting of tangible personal property and the possession or use

  • Minimum Rent set forth in Section 1.66 of the Lease is deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following:

  • Supplemental Rent means any and all amounts, liabilities and obligations other than Basic Rent which any Lessee assumes or agrees or is otherwise obligated to pay under the Lease or any other Operative Document (whether or not designated as Supplemental Rent) to the Lessor, the Agent, any Lender or any other party, including, without limitation, amounts under Article XVI of the Lease, and indemnities and damages for breach of any covenants, representations, warranties or agreements, and all overdue or late payment charges in respect of any Funded Amount.

  • Gross Rent means the rent for a set-aside unit, including any applicable utility allowances, in compliance with the rent limits applicable to the property for 2020. Gross rent does include optional fees included in the household’s lease, including but not limited to, washer/dryer, cable, parking, etc., as long as they are included in the lease or addendums to the lease. In addition, when a utility that is purchased from or through a local utility company by the Development, who in turn bills residents for actual consumption of the utility will also be eligible when the applicable utility allowance for the Development includes a deduction for the utility and the household’s lease specifies that the resident is responsible for the utility.

  • Rental means the Supplier’s charging rate for the hire of the Hire Goods which is current from time to time during the Hire Period;

  • Ground Rent means any rent, additional rent or other charge payable by the tenant under the Ground Lease.

  • Room Rent Means the amount charged by a hospital for the occupancy of a bed on per day (24 hours) basis and shall include associated medical expenses.