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Defined Above. As used in this Agreement, each term defined above has the meaning indicated above.
Defined Above 

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  • Terms Defined Above As used in this Agreement, each term defined above has the meaning indicated above.

  • THE FIRST SCHEDULE ABOVE REFERRED TO (PREMISES) ALL THAT piece or parcel of homestead Land, measuring about 37 Cottahs 12 Chittaks 2 Sq. ft. more or less TOGETHER WITH single storied structure standing thereon, lying and situate at Municipal Premises No. 4, Roy Bahadur Road, Kolkata – 700034, Ward No. 118, under the limits of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation, P.S. – Behala, District – South 24-Parganas, butted and bounded by ON THE NORTH : Plot No-58/1/1,58/1/3 & 58/6/1 of ROY BAHADUR ROAD ON THE SOUTH : KMC ROAD (ROY BAHADUR ROAD) ON THE EAST : Plot No-135/1,135/2,135/7 & Plot No-135/8 of Roy BAHADUR ROAD ON THE WEST : 133A ROY BAHADUR ROAD THE SECOND SCHEDULE ABOVE REFERRED TO (“THE SAID UNIT AND THE PROPERTIES APPURTENANT THERETO”) ALL THAT the Flat/Unit No.9Eon the 9th floor of the said new building containing by estimation an area of sq.ft. (more or less) (built-up) corresponding to a carpet area of sq.ft. (more or less) TOGETHER WITH 1 (One) open/covered car parking space/s AND TOGETHER WITH the undivided proportionate indivisible share in all common parts portions areas and facilities (more fully and particularly mentioned and described in the THIRD SCHEDULE hereunder written AND TOGETHER WITH the undivided proportionate indivisible variable share or interest in the land forming part of the said Premises appurtenant and/or allocable theretoforming part of the Developer’s Allocation as defined in the said Development Agreement THE THIRD SCHEDULE ABOVE REFERRED TO (“Common Portions”) Please check

  • Defined expressions Words and expressions defined in the Loan Agreement shall have the same meanings when used in this Guarantee unless the context otherwise requires.

  • Defined Contribution Plans The Company does not maintain, contribute to or have any liability under (or with respect to) any employee plan which is a tax-qualified "defined contribution plan" (as defined in Section 3(34) of ERISA), whether or not terminated.

  • Defined Contribution Plan Employees hired on or after the effective date of the MERS Defined Contribution (“DC”) Plan for this bargaining unit shall participate in that plan. The Employer shall contribute seven percent (7%) of a participating employee's gross wages to the DC Plan. A participating employee shall be required to contribute three percent (3%) of gross wages to the DC Plan. A participating employee may also voluntarily contribute additional amounts on an after-tax basis to his or her individual account in the reserve for the DC Plan for any plan year in any amount to the extent allowed by federal law and subject to procedures established by MERS.

  • Definition of Overtime All hours worked, per shift, which are in excess of seven and one-half (7 ½) shall be paid as such in accordance with Article 15.03 unless otherwise specified elsewhere in this Agreement.

  • Definition For purposes of this Agreement, the term “Operating Expenses” with respect to each class of the Fund, is defined to include all expenses necessary or appropriate for the operation of the Fund and each of its classes, including the Advisor’s investment advisory or management fee detailed in the Investment Advisory Agreement, any Rule 12b-1 fees and other expenses described in the Investment Advisory Agreement, but does not include any front-end or contingent deferred loads, taxes, leverage interest, brokerage commissions, expenses incurred in connection with any merger or reorganization, or extraordinary expenses such as litigation.

  • Defined Term For purposes of this Section 2.14, the term “applicable law” includes FATCA.

  • Termination; General The Underwriters may terminate this Agreement, by notice to the Company, at any time at or prior to the Closing Time (i) if, in the judgment of the Underwriters, there has been, since the time of execution of this Agreement or since the respective dates as of which information is given in the Prospectus (exclusive of any supplement thereto) or General Disclosure Package, any material adverse change in the condition, financial or otherwise, or in the earnings, business affairs or business prospects of the Company and its Subsidiaries considered as one enterprise, whether or not arising in the ordinary course of business, or (ii) if there has occurred any material adverse change in the financial markets in the United States or the international financial markets, any outbreak of hostilities or escalation thereof or other calamity or crisis or any change or development involving a prospective change in national or international political, financial or economic conditions, in each case the effect of which is such as to make it, in the judgment of the Underwriters, impracticable or inadvisable to market the Securities or to enforce contracts for the sale of the Securities, or (iii) if trading in any securities of the Company has been suspended or materially limited by the Commission or the New York Stock Exchange, or if trading generally on the New York Stock Exchange or in the Nasdaq Global Select Market has been suspended or materially limited, or minimum or maximum prices for trading have been fixed, or maximum ranges for prices have been required, by such exchange or by such system or by order of the Commission, FINRA or any other governmental authority, or (iv) a material disruption has occurred in commercial banking or securities settlement or clearance services in the United States, or (v) if a banking moratorium has been declared by either Federal or New York authorities.

  • Definitions and Basic Provisions The definitions and basic provisions set forth in the Basic Lease Information (the “Basic Lease Information”) are incorporated herein by reference for all purposes. Additionally, the following terms shall have the following meanings when used in this Lease: “Affiliate” means any person or entity which, directly or indirectly, through one or more intermediaries, controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with the party in question; “Building’s Structure” means the Building’s roof and roof membrane, elevator shafts, footings, foundations, structural portions of load-bearing walls, structural floors and subfloors, structural columns and beams, and curtain walls; “Building’s Systems” means the Building’s HVAC, life-safety, plumbing, electrical, mechanical and elevator systems; “including” means including, without limitation; “Laws” means all federal, state and local laws, ordinances, building codes and standards, rules and regulations, all court orders, governmental directives, and governmental orders and all interpretations of the foregoing, and all restrictive covenants affecting the Project, and “Law” means any of the foregoing; “Tenant’s Off-Premises Equipment” means any of Tenant’s equipment or other property that may be located on or about the Project or the related complex (other than inside the Premises); and “Tenant Party” means any of the following persons: Tenant; any assignees claiming by, through, or under Tenant; any subtenants claiming by, through, or under Tenant; and any of their respective agents, contractors, officers, employees, licensees, guests and invitees.