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  • Upon Termination (i) all rights granted to you under this Agreement will also terminate; and

  • Recovery upon Termination H6.1 At the expiry or earlier termination of the Contract Period (howsoever arising) the Contractor shall immediately deliver to the Authority or as directed upon request all Property (including materials, documents, information and access keys) used in the performance of its obligations under the Contract in its possession or under its control or in the possession or under the control of any permitted suppliers or Sub-contractors and in the event the Contractor fails to do so, the Authority may recover possession thereof and the Contractor grants a licence to the Authority or its appointed agents to enter (for the purposes of such recovery) any premises of the Contractor or its permitted suppliers or Sub-contractors where any such items may be held.

  • Withdrawals upon Termination 31.4.1 Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, all amounts standing to the credit of the Escrow Account shall, upon Termination, be appropriated in the following order:

  • Payments Upon Termination Executive will be entitled to receive payment of the following: (i) all earned but unpaid compensation (including accrued unpaid vacation) through the effective date of termination, payable on or before the termination date; and (ii) reimbursement, made in accordance with Section 4(e) of the Employment Agreement, of any monies advanced or incurred by Executive in connection with his/her employment for reasonable and necessary Company-related expenses incurred on or before the Termination Date. The provisions of this Agreement shall not waive or terminate any rights to compensation or vested benefits under the Company’s benefits plans or as required by law, or to indemnification Executive may have under the Company’s Certificate of Incorporation, Bylaws or separate indemnification agreement, as applicable.

  • Expiration and Termination 12.1 Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause, upon 30 days written notice to the other party. To the extent funds are available, the Governmental Unit shall receive reimbursement in accordance with the terms of this Agreement through the date of termination.

  • Payment Upon Termination In the event that the City or Consultant terminates this Agreement pursuant to Section 8, the City shall compensate the Consultant for all outstanding costs and reimbursable expenses incurred for work satisfactorily completed as of the date of written notice of termination. Consultant shall maintain adequate logs and timesheets in order to verify costs incurred to that date. The City shall have no obligation to compensate Consultant for work not verified by logs or timesheets.

  • Procedure Upon Termination In the event of termination and abandonment by Buyer or Seller, or both, pursuant to Section 11.1 hereof, written notice thereof shall forthwith be given to the other party or parties, and this Agreement shall terminate, and the purchase of the Purchased Assets hereunder shall be abandoned, without further action by Buyer or Seller. If this Agreement is terminated as provided herein each party shall redeliver all documents, work papers and other material of any other party relating to the transactions contemplated hereby, whether so obtained before or after the execution hereof, to the party furnishing the same.

  • Term Suspension and Termination 9.1. Term of this MSA. This MSA comes into force on the date you first accept it by whatever means and continues until all Subscriptions expire or have been terminated.