For clarity Sample Clauses

For clarity. In order to be considered a Monday to Friday worker, the majority of the employee’s regularly scheduled hours of work for the Monday shift must fall after 12:01 a.m. on Monday and for the Friday shift must fall before 11:59 p.m. on Friday.
For clarity where provisions of this Agreement provide that Eiger shall be “solelyresponsible or the like with respect to a matter (for example, Sections 5.4, 5.5, or 7.1), it is understood that such responsibilities may be carried out or borne on Eiger’s behalf by an Affiliate of Eiger or by a permitted Sublicensee or contractor of Eiger.
For clarity. Research Tools are subject to the license grants in Sections 2.1-2.3, Section 2.8, the retained rights set forth in Sections 2.9, and the due diligence requirements in Section 6.
For clarity. (Insured at time of death) means the spouse covered by the employee’s benefit plan at the time of the employee’s death will continue to receive the benefits as opposed to the spouse at the date of the employee’s retirement (if they are different).
For clarity the provisions of this Clause 28 (Indemnities) shall not prejudice the rights or obligations of either Party (or their respective Affiliates) under the Purchase Agreement, provided that no Party (together with its Affiliates) shall be entitled to recover any sum by way of damages or other compensation under this Agreement in respect of Losses for which it has been compensated under the Purchase Agreement (and vice versa).
For clarity. A) Rotating seniority continues from the last Nurse who last accepted a shift;
For clarity. Purchased Loans” shall not mean or include loans repurchased by Seller pursuant to Section 6.1 or otherwise.
For clarity the provisions of Sections 7.9.1 and 7.9.2 shall not apply to taxes imposed on a Party's net income.