In the Contract Sample Clauses

In the Contract. (a) the Article headings shall not form part of, and shall not be used in interpretation of, the Contract;
In the Contract. The terms of the contract can be changed upon the agreement of the buyer and seller. The change takes effect upon the signatures and seals by both parties.
In the Contract. (a) the Article headings do not form part of, and are not to be used in interpretation of, the Contract;
In the Contract. An employee whose application has been turned down may re-apply at three (3) month intervals for upgrading. If equipment on which an employee has earned his Machine Operator Class 1 status is removed from service or, for other reasons, a Machine Operator Class 1 cannot set up and operate four pieces of equipment, the employee shall be provided six months to learn to set up and operate four pieces of equipment. The Company shall make all reasonable efforts to provide training to the employee in this regard. Where training has not been provided within six months, the employee shall retain Machine Operator Class 1 status until the Company has made a reasonable effort to provide training to the employee.
In the Contract. (a) references to a person include an individual, firm or a body, corporation or unincorporate;
In the Contract. If Party A provides the sewage amount less than the agreement on the contract in the years above, it shall pay for the sewage disposal expenditure in real practice; If Party B provides the sewage amount more than the agreement on the contract in the years above, it also shall pay for the sewage disposal expenditure in real practice. Within 3 years on normal operation of the project, Party A shall pay the balance with 0.28 RMB per ton between the real amount of sewage in disposal (It shall be no less than the agreed minimal sewage amount) and the amount of sewage on design as the compensation for investment and construction from Party B. During the management period of Party B, if the sewage amount needed for disposal exceeds the design scale of the project, the two parties shall negotiate for spreading the sewage disposal factory.
In the Contract. No. 1-01/2541 dated 2 October 1997, where J.M.T. Group Co., Ltd. is indicated as the Lessee, it is changed to King Power Tax Free Co., Ltd.

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  • of the Contract (7) No action can be instituted on this bond after one year from the date of Final Completion as determined pursuant to Article 6.2.2. SIGNED AND SEALED THIS DAY OF , 20 . ATTEST: (NAME OF Contractor) By Secretary(*) President (SURETY) (*)(*) (TITLE) (*) Please apply seal of Corporation over Secretary’s Signature. (*)(*)Please apply seal of Surety and arrange for countersignature by a “Georgia Licensed Agent” of Surety pursuant to O.C.G.A. §33-23-5. Kindly show title of the aforesaid agent as “Georgia Licensed Agent.” (*) Attach Power of Attorney GEORGIA SECURITY AND IMMIGRATION COMPLIANCE ACT AFFIDAVIT(S)

  • PARTIES TO THE CONTRACT This Contract is solely between the Company and the SBA which administers the FHCF. In no instance shall any insured of the Company or any claimant against an insured of the Company, or any other third party, have any rights under this Contract, except as provided in Article XIV. The SBA will only disburse funds to the Company, except as provided for in Article XIV of this Contract. The Company shall not, without the prior approval of the Office of Insurance Regulation, sell, assign, or transfer to any third party, in return for a fee or other consideration any sums the FHCF pays under this Contract or the right to receive such sums.

  • SCOPE OF THE CONTRACT The Seller agrees to sell lead concentrate and the Buyer agrees to buy lead concentrate at the terms and conditions set out below:

  • SUBJECT OF THE CONTRACT 1.1 The bank shall open account(s) for the client, carry out its banking operations and provide services as described in this agreement according to the terms and conditions stipulated herein.

  • OBJECT OF THE CONTRACT 1.1. FINC’s obligations shall consist in supplying one “Anchor Handling, Towing and Supply“ Vessel (hereinafter referred to as the "Ship"), to be built at FINC’s Shipyards and delivered to the Owner, which agrees to accept delivery from FINC, and built in accordance with the conditions and stipulations stated herein, and as specified in the following technical documents: Specification : 382688/BS 8000000M rev. 0 dated 16/03/07 – Technical Specifications; Side Letter No. 1 dated 20/03/07. Drawings : 2000-100 rev. 02 – General Arrangement (Moss Maritime) 2000-101 rev. 02 – Tankplan (Moss Maritime) which, signed by both Parties, are an integral part hereof, although not attached hereto.

  • Term of the Contract The term of the Contract will begin on the Effective Date and will conclude on the Expiration Date. The Parties may renew the Contract for an additional period or periods, but the Contract Term may not exceed a total of eight (8) years. All reserved contract extensions beyond the Expiration Date will be subject to good faith negotiations between the Parties and mutual agreement to the extension(s).

  • Termination of the Contract 11.1. The Coordinator may terminate the contract if the Co-beneficiary has inadequately discharged or failed to discharge any of the contractual obligations, insofar as this is not due to force majeure, after notification of the Co-beneficiary by registered letter has remained without effect for one month.

  • CONTROL OF THE CONTRACT F1 Transfer and Sub-Contracting

  • DURATION OF THE CONTRACT This contract becomes effective on , and will continue in effect for 365 days from the above date. Either party may terminate treatment with reasonable notice to the other party, as provided in the agreement. Notwithstanding this right to terminate treatment, both Provider and Beneficiary agree that the obligation not to pursue Medicare reimbursement for items and services provided under this contract will survive this contract.

  • AMENDMENTS TO THE CONTRACT The Contract shall be amended as follows: