The Lump Sample Clauses

The Lump. Sum Contract Price includes plumbing and electrical building permits from appropriate entities and any other building permits as directed by the Principal Representative.
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The Lump. Sum Price shall be adjusted if a Change Order causes changes in the quantities or changes in the Drawings or Specifications which changes affect the
The Lump. Sum Payment shall be made to Langbein or, in the event of Xxxxxxxn's death, to Langbeix'x xxxxxx or other dxxxxxxx xx provided in writing by Langbein in his Last Will anx Xxxxxxent or document of similar import and intent ("Will"), within thirty (30) days of the Date of Termination; provided, that only with respect to termination due to the death of Langbein, if Medicore does nxx xxxx sufficient cash to make the Lump Sum Payment as required in this Section 8, then Medicore shall pay the amount of the Lump Sum Payment in such amounts and installments as it is able within a period of but no later than nine (9) months from date of Langbein's death. Interest xxxx xxxxxe at a per annum rate on the amounts owed to Langbein equal to the coupon xxxxx xield on a 52 week U.S. Treasury Bill determined as of the daxx xhat the Lump Sum Payment is due ("Interest"). Interest shall accrue until the payment to Langbein is fully satisfied. It is agreed that Langbein or his estate, as txx xxxx may be, has the option, at his or its sole discretion, to elect to obtain from Medicore in lieu of such Lump Sum Payment, 400,000 shares of Medicore common stock, $.01 par value, from authorized and unissued capital stock or treasury shares or any combination of authorized and unissued shares and treasury shares (the "Medicore Shares"), subject to adjustment as provided in this Agreement, as soon as practicable upon notice to Medicore of his or its election to obtain the Medicore Shares. Medicore agrees to have sufficient capital stock available and to amend, if necessary, its certificate of incorporation, from time to time, based upon its obligation to issue the Medicore Shares to Langbein; and, to the extent xxxx xxpital stock and/or treasury shares may then be insufficient to cover the exercise of the option of Langbein to obtain the Medicxxx Xxxxes in lieu of the Lump Sum Payment, Medicore agrees that it shall take and use for Langbein's election such shaxxx xxxxxxed for other purposes, and/or to the extent additional shares of common stock of Medicore are required, Medicore shall immediately repurchase said shares in the open market or in privately negotiated transactions. Medicore further agrees to file and cause to be approved any listing agreements that may be required by any exchange or interdealer quotation system upon which the Medicore Shares may then be trading with respect to any additional shares that may be authorized, issued and/or transferred to Langbein under his opt...

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  • File Management and Record Retention relating to CRF Eligible Persons or Households Grantee must maintain a separate file for every applicant, Eligible Person, or Household, regardless of whether the request was approved or denied.

  • RIGHT OF ALLOTTEE TO USE COMMON AREAS AND FACILITIES SUBJECT TO PAYMENT OF TOTAL MAINTENANCE CHARGES The Allottee hereby agrees to purchase the [Apartment/Plot] on the specific understanding that is/her right to the use of Common Areas shall be subject to timely payment of total maintenance charges, as determined and thereafter billed by the maintenance agency appointed or the association of allottees (or the maintenance agency appointed by it) and performance by the Allottee of all his/her obligations in respect of the terms and conditions specified by the maintenance agency or the association of allottees from time to time.

  • A-E Compensation and Extra Work 1.5.1. For the PROJECTS/SERVICES authorized under this CONTRACT, A-E shall be compensated in accordance with the following:

  • Managers Compensation Any or all Managers may receive such reasonable compensation for their services, whether in the form of salary or otherwise, with expenses, if any, as the Board of Managers may from time to time determine.

  • Code of Basic Working Conditions and Human Rights Xxxxx is committed to providing a safe and secure working environment and the protection and advancement of basic human rights in its worldwide operations. In furtherance of this commitment, Xxxxx has adopted a Code of Basic Working Conditions and Human Rights setting out in detail the measures it takes to ensure this commitment is fulfilled. This code may be downloaded at xxxxx:// Xxxxx strongly encourages Seller to adopt and enforce concepts similar to those embodied in the Boeing Code, including conducting Seller’s operations in a manner that is fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations pertaining to fair wages and treatment, freedom of association, personal privacy, collective bargaining, workplace safety and environmental protection. Seller shall include the substance of this clause, including this flowdown requirement, in all subcontracts awarded by Seller for work under this Contract.

  • Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment The Government considers operators as fireline personnel who will use and wear specified articles of personal protective equipment.

  • Entitlement to Vacation Leave With Pay An employee is entitled to vacation leave with pay to the extent of his or her earned credits but an employee who has completed six (6) months of continuous employment may receive an advance of credits equivalent to the anticipated credits for the vacation year.

  • Contract Duration and Annual Salary 1. The College hereby employs the Administrator in the capacity of Controller, Associate Professor for one year(s), commencing on July 1, 2021 and terminating on June 30, 2022. The Administrator accepts such employment on the conditions hereinafter set forth, and any applicable provisions of the Board of Trustees Policy Manual. In the event of conflict between Board Policy and this Contract, the Contract shall govern.

  • Reporting Subawards and Executive Compensation a. Reporting of first-tier subawards.

  • Adviser’s Compensation Each Fund shall pay to the Adviser, as compensation for the Adviser’s services hereunder, a fee, determined as described in Schedule A that is attached hereto and made a part hereof. Such fee shall be computed daily and paid not less than monthly in arrears by each Fund. The method for determining net assets of a Fund for purposes hereof shall be the same as the method for determining net assets for purposes of establishing the offering and redemption prices of Fund shares as described in the Fund’s Registration Statement. In the event of termination of this Agreement, the fee provided in this Section shall be computed on the basis of the period ending on the last business day on which this Agreement is in effect subject to a pro rata adjustment based on the number of days elapsed in the current month as a percentage of the total number of days in such month.

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