COMBINED Sample Clauses

COMBINED. (4) With respect to insurable groups, plans or under the whole farm options, individual crop indemnity calculations may be combined to determine the final indemnity for the insurable crop. Conditions
COMBINED. Pollution Liability and Professional Liability coverages may be procured through a combined Professional Liability and Pollution Liability policy with combined policy limits of not less than $4,000,000 per claim and $4,000,000 in the aggregate. Subcontractors: The Contractor shall ensure that all tiers of Contractor’s subcontractors comply with insurance requirements identical to the Insurance Requirements between the Contractor and Owner. Contractor shall provide, upon Owner’s request, all documentation evidencing such compliance, to Owner on behalf of Contractor and Contractor’s subcontractors.
COMBINED. Pollution Liability and Professional Liability coverages may be procured through a combined Professional Liability and Pollution Liability policy with combined policy limits of not less than $4,000,000 per claim and $4,000,000 in the aggregate.
COMBINED. The concept of the FIS Season Accreditation system is based on the application of a set of standard access zones (1-9) designed to enable consistency and optimise working efficiency across the Coop FIS Cross-Country World Cup respectively at the Viessmann FIS Nordic Combined World Cup. The Accreditation Matrix illustrates the method for authorisation and distribution of the FIS Season Accreditations for the Categories/Functions currently in use. The general definitions for each Standard Access Zone and Category provide guidance for the recommended access for each function. FIS SEASON ACCREDITATION MATRIX STANDARD ACCESS ZONES 1 Team Areas 6 Operational Areas 2 Team Office Areas 7 FIS Family Areas 3 Xxxxx Xxxxx 0 Xxxxxxxx Xxxx 0 Photo Areas 9 Team Hospitality 5 Broadcast Areas Depending on the venue, an additional access pass may be required for certain areas. Please consult the Team Info Guide to check the details per venue.
COMBINED. Dated at Ontario, this day of FOR THE LOCAL UNION WORK-LOAD REVIEW FORM to complete section of Occurrence Date Form Submitted to Employer Type of Work Being Performed Number of Staff on Duty Usual Number of Staff on Duty the undersigned, believe that I were an assignment that was or inconsistentwith quality patient care created an unsafe working environment for the following reasons. (Provide brief of below): To correct this problem, recommended: of immediate Supervisor Notified of Notification Response Signature of on Line Below: do not agree with the resolution of my concern. Standard Provisions COMBINED Letter of Understanding the Utilization of Skills The parties agree to form a joint provincial task force. The task force will be composed of equal numbers of representatives of the Ontario Council of Hospital and the Ontario Hospital Association. The task force will make its decisions by consensus. The mandate of the task force will be to study and make recommendations to the participating hospitals regarding the utilization of skills. The task force will: Meet within months of the ratification of the Memorandum of Settlement. Secure advice and participation from such professional practice researchers and other (e.g. College of Nurses) as the Task Force deems appropriate. resources required by the task force to complete their study including exploring jointly any funding required for these resources. The task force will be co-chaired by a hospital representative and a representative from The task force will identify the timelines for conducting their study and will also conclude timelines for the recommendations to be made by the task force. The task force recommendations will be presented in the form of a report to the participating hospitals and locals. The final recommendations from the joint task force will be presented to the Human Resources Committee of the The parties also agree to jointly undertake reviewing the study and recommendations with the Ontario Nurses Association. Nothing in this Letter of Understanding should be construed as precluding the local parties from entering into discussions with respect to scope of practice and utilization of skills. For the Hospitals: For the Union: Standard Provisions COMBINED Letter of Understanding Re: Apprenticeship Pilot Programme The parties agree to establish a joint provincial apprenticeship committee. The joint committee will consist of three (3) members representative of the Union and three (3) me...
COMBINED. ADJUSTED INTEREST COVERAGE RATIO; SECTION 9.10. From and after the Eleventh Amendment Effective Date, Section 9.10 of the Credit Agreement shall be amended by (i) deleting the Combined Adjusted Interest Coverage Ratios for the Test Periods appearing therein for the period from and including April 1, 2001 and thereafter and (ii) inserting in lieu thereof the following periods and corresponding ratios: "April 1, 2001 to and including 1.25:1.00 June 30, 2002 July 1, 2002 and thereafter 1.30:1.00".
COMBINED. PERIOD END LOANS - MANAGED 30,053.9 30,999.5 32,590.7 34,838.0 34,783.8 36,151.9 - securitized 19,333.7 19,603.4 19,966.3 20,414.5 21,314.4 22,636.3 - reported 10,720.2 11,396.1 12,624.4 14,423.5 13,469.4 13,515.6 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- QUARTERLY AVG LOANS - MANAGED 29,792.9 30,450.2 31,687.8 33,370.5 34,882.7 35,123.2 - securitized 17,008.0 19,152.6 19,556.1 19,708.8 20,976.2 21,882.5 - reported 12,784.9 11,297.6 12,131.7 13,661.7 13,906.5 13,240.7 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- NET CHARGE OFFS - AMOUNT - MANAGED 313.1 365.7 418.3 470.8 485.1 544.2 - securitized 193.7 247.6 275.9 292.0 328.3 334.3 - reported 119.4 118.1 142.4 178.8 156.8
COMBINED. Shown in this exhibit is CWS's Opaating Experience, Rate Base, and Rates of Return for the test year ended September 30, 2005. The exhibit's format is designed to reflect per book infomlation, per books adjusted for Revenue and other adjustments generated from Docket No. 2004-357-W/S, and applicable accounting and pro forma adjustments necessary to correct or normalize the results of CWS's lest year operations. ORS verified the per book balances {o the books and records of CWS. The book figures reflect that Operating Revenues for CWS totaled $6,047,725 and Total Operating Income totaled $446,304 plus Interest Dining Construction of $6,624, foi Net Income For Return of $452,928 CWS's per book Total Rate Base was $16,503,928. A per book Return on Rate Base of 2.74% was computed using Net Operating Income of $452,928 and a late base of $16,503,928. The per book numbers were adjusted to retie.el additional revenue and other adjus_nents from Docket No 2004-357- W/S. As a result of these adjustments, total operating revenues amounted to $6,734,985, Net Income forReturnof $927,68a8ndTotalRateBaseof $15,339,88T3.heresultanrteturnonratebasewas 6.05%xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX.XX'saccountinagndproformaadjustmenwtsereaddedto adjustepderbookoperationsT.heneteffecot ftheseadjustmenptrsoduceTdotalOperatinRgevemles of $6,717,81N2e, tIncomeforRetumof$1,132,61a9ndaTotaRl ateBaseof $18,288,69U6.singthe NetIncomeforReturnandTotalRateBaseO, RScomputeadRateofRetainonRateBaseof 6.19% afteraccountinagndprofo_madjustments. ORShasincludedtheeffectsof theproposeDdorchesteCrountytransfewr hichincludes King'sGrantT, ealontheAshley, and Plantation Ridge subdivisions. ORS verified the amounts to CWS books and records and recomputed corresponding adjustments. ORS removed ($339,332) from Revenue, ($259,502) from expenses and ($706,152) from rate base.. Afte_ the effects of the Dorchester County transfer, Total Operating Revenues were $6,378,480, Total Operating Expenses wele $5,329,474, and Net Income for Return was $1,052,540. ORS computed Total Rate Base of $17,582,544 and a Return on Rate Base of 5.99% CWS has lequested an increase in rates which would produce additional net annual revenues of $903,922, comprised of a water increase of $194,411, a sewer increase of $717,332, and uncollectible revenue of ($7,821). As a compromise ORS alrd CWS agree to a net increase in annual revenues of $474,l 17. ORS adjusted for utility/commission gross receipts taxes and income taxes associated wi...
COMBINED a) One white commode with cistern will be provided in the W.C. & toilet both.