Maintenance Sample Clauses

Maintenance. Tenants shall maintain the Premises in a neat, clean, and orderly manner; use and maintain them in accordance with applicable police, sanitary, and all other regulations imposed by governmental authorities; observe all reasonable regulations and requirements of underwriters concerning use and condition of the Premises tending to reduce fire hazard and insurance rates; and immediately inform Landlord when there is a need for Landlord to perform repairs or maintenance. Tenants shall not cause or permit any waste or misuse of utility fixtures or of any portion of the Premises. Tenants shall reimburse Landlord for all damages caused by such waste or misuse; for all permit, inspection, and certification costs Landlord incurs because of Tenants’ noncompliance with this lease or applicable laws; and for all damages resulting from Tenants’ not timely reporting the need for repair or maintenance. Landlord may invoice Tenants for the cost of any repairs/replacements (other than normal wear and tear) made necessary by Tenants during the term of this Lease. The amount of such invoices is deemed unpaid rent and shall be due with the rental installment for the month following the month in which the invoice is sent. Tenants shall pay and be liable to Landlord and/or Landlord’s insurer (in contract and/or tort) for the repair of all damage to, and/or replacement of, the Premises and structure of which they are a part, including fire and flood damage, in any way caused or made necessary by Tenants, their guests, invitees, licensees, or agents. Nothing in this clause waives or lessens Landlord’s obligation to maintain and repair the Premises under Michigan law, but Landlord is not so liable when it has not been informed of the need to repair. Landlord’s reasonable exercise of any right or obligation hereunder never shall be deemed an eviction of Tenants or interference with their use and possession of the Premises, and Landlord shall have no liability to Tenants because of Landlord’s actions in reasonably fulfilling its obligations hereunder.
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Maintenance. 3.10.1 The Developer shall maintain and keep in good repair all portions of the development on the Lands, including but not limited to, the exterior of the building, fencing, walkways, recreational amenities, parking areas and driveways, and the maintenance of all landscaping including the replacement of damaged or dead plant stock, trimming and litter control, garbage removal and snow and ice control, salting of walkways and driveways.
Maintenance. Please report any maintenance needs for the premises to the us and we will respond as quickly as possible. Refunds will not be made for maintenance issues including, but not limited to heating and air conditioning, appliances, televisions, and stereos. LINENS/TOWELS/SUPPLIES The owners furnish linens and towels. Any lost or damaged linens will be deducted from your deposit. An initial supply of paper products is provided. Extra items needed are the responsibility of the Tenant. Limited cleaning supplies may be provided. We recommend that you bring any special items that you may need. PARKING at the premises is limited to two cars. No boats, jet skis, trailers or RVs. TELEPHONES are not provided. LIMITED DAMAGE WAIVER PROGRAM
Maintenance. The Maintenance of the Premises including the following shall be borne and paid by (choose one) ☐ the Lessorthe Lesseethe Parties jointly: (Choose all that is applicable) ☐ Janitorial and pest control servicesGarbage removalGrease traps, drainage and pipes maintenance ☐ Parking maintenanceLawn maintenanceSnow removalHVAC Maintenance ☐ Repairs other than Minor Repairs as defined herein.
Maintenance. The Manager shall cause the Properties to be maintained in the same manner as similar properties in the area. The Manager’s duties and supervision in this respect shall include, without limitation, cleaning of the interior and the exterior of the Improvements and the public common areas on the Properties and the making and supervision of repair, alterations, and decoration of the Improvements, subject to and in strict compliance with this Management Agreement and any applicable leases. Construction and rehabilitation activities undertaken by the Manager, if any, will be limited to activities related to the management, operation, maintenance, and leasing of the Property (e.g., repairs, renovations, and leasehold improvements).
Maintenance. Customer is responsible for maintaining and updating Authorized Contact list with LightEdge. LightEdge will not be held responsible for maintenance notifications missed due to out-of-date Authorized Contact information.
Maintenance. All costs and expenses for maintaining, cleaning, operating, replacing, repairing, white-washing, painting, decorating, re-decorating, re-building, re- constructing, lighting and renovating the Common Areas & Installations of the Premises, including the exterior or interior (but not inside any Unit) walls of the Building, and in particular the top roof (only to the extent of leakage and drainage to the upper floors).
Maintenance. Maintain all of its tangible property in good condition and repair and make all necessary replacements thereof, and preserve and maintain all licenses, trademarks, privileges, permits, franchises, certificates and the like necessary for the operation of its business.