The Venue definition

The Venue means the venue where the Exhibition will take place.
The Venue means the venue you have chosen to hire as per Part 2 of the Venue Hire Application Form.
The Venue means the location at which Operator conducts the activities

Examples of The Venue in a sentence

  • All participants must observe the safety precautions in operation at The Venue.

  • The Venue of Arbitration be such a place or places as may be fixed by the arbitrator at is his sole discretion.

  • The Venue of arbitration shall be such place or places as may be fixed by the Arbitrator in his sole discretion.

  • The Venue Rules are supplemented by specific rules that are applicable to each Market Segment (“Market Segment Rules”).

  • The Venue staff and management reserve the right to refuse service of alcohol to any prize winner or Allowed Guests should they be deemed to be intoxicated.

More Definitions of The Venue

The Venue means Business Design Centre, London.
The Venue means Weald and Downland Open Air Museum Ltd and its staff.
The Venue means The Meridian Hall, the Main Hall the Cranston Suite, the Council Chamber, the Old Court House, the Kitchens, the Courtyards and the Car Park within East Court Estate.
The Venue means the Durham Convention Center, Durham, NC;
The Venue means any place where the organised event, takes place which forms the subject of this policy.
The Venue means Venue referred to in the Particulars
The Venue means the location booked for the period of Hire as detailed on the Booking Form.