Definition of Lease Agreement

Lease Agreement means the bargain, with respect to the lease, of the lessor and the lessee in fact as found in their language or by implication from other circumstances including course of dealing or usage of trade or course of performance as provided in this article. Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the term includes a sublease agreement.

Lease Agreement means any (i) fixed rate closed-end lease contract or (ii) distinct and separate true lease contract (and, in each case, all proceeds thereof) originated in connection with the lease of one or more Leased Vehicles that is or was originated by the Titling Trust, a Dealer or an Assigning Affiliate.

Lease Agreement means an agreement in which a project acquired by the Authority by purchase, gift, or lease is leased to any person or corporation that will use, or cause the project to be used, as a project, upon terms providing for lease rental payments at least sufficient to pay, when due, all principal of and interest and premium, if any, on any bonds, notes, or other evidences of indebtedness of the Authority, issued with respect to the project, providing for the maintenance, insurance, and operation of the project on terms satisfactory to the Authority and providing for disposition of the project upon termination of the lease term, including purchase options or abandonment of the premises, with other terms as may be deemed desirable by the Authority.

Examples of Lease Agreement in a sentence

Any refund of the security deposit due Tenant will be delivered or mailed in accordance with Paragraph 26 of this Agreement within 60 days after the termination of this Lease Agreement.
This amount shall be used by Landlord at the termination of this Lease Agreement toward a.
The System reimburses the City based on budgeted expense amounts certified by the City’s Director of Management and Budget pursuant to the Lease Agreement.
Any monies paid as consideration for this Lease Agreement shall be forfeited.
Failure to comply with certain of such requirements may cause the inclusion of such interest in gross income for federal income tax purposes to be retroactive to the date of delivery of the Lease Agreement.

More definitions of Lease Agreement

Lease Agreement means a contract between two parties for the possession and use of real or personal property or assets for a specified period of time in exchange for specified periodic payments. Elimination (due to any cause other than death or divorce) or addition of any party to the contract, expiration, or modification of any lease term in effect on January 1, 1980, or termination of the lease by either party by any means shall constitute a termination of the lease agreement. An extension or renewal of a lease agreement, whether or not pursuant to a renewal provision in the lease agreement, shall be considered a new lease agreement. A strictly formal change in the lease agreement which modifies the method, frequency, or manner in which the lease payments are made, but does not increase the total lease payment obligation of the lessee, shall not be considered modification of a lease term.

Lease Agreement means that certain Lease Agreement, dated as of October 1, 2017, by and between the Authority and the Town, as originally executed and as it may from time to time be supplemented, modified or amended in accordance with the terms thereof and of the Indenture.

Lease Agreement means, with respect to any Rental Property, a lease or rental agreement entered into between the REO Subsidiary (or Property Manager acting as agent for the REO Subsidiary) and a Tenant providing for the rental of such Rental Property to such Tenant, including any renewal or extension of an existing lease or rental, which lease or rental agreement is in form and substance reasonably acceptable to Buyer.

Lease Agreement means the bargain, with respect

Lease Agreement means an agreement between the county and a sponsor leasing the property at the project from the county to a sponsor.

Lease Agreement means an agreement between the owner of the PV System and a Host Customer whereby the Host Customer leases a PV System from such owner for fixed or escalating monthly payments.

Lease Agreement means that certain agreement for the lease of the Property by the Authority to the City, dated as of June 1, 2006, together with any duly authorized and executed amendments thereto.