CONTRACTOR SHALL PROVIDE. 2.1. All contractor work performed under this contract shall be planned and scheduled by Agency/Department Project Managers. The Project Manager will work closely with both the contractor and the Agency/Department requiring the work and will approve all invoices for work completed under this contract.
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CONTRACTOR SHALL PROVIDE the following testing as well as any other testing required of Contractor by the Specifications:
CONTRACTOR SHALL PROVIDE. 1) Residential Treatment Services are a 24-hour, non-institutional, non-medical, short-term service that provide residential rehabilitation services to beneficiaries with a substance use disorder diagnosis when determined by a Medical Director or LPHA as medically necessary and in accordance with an individualized treatment plan. Residential Treatment Services are provided in DMC-certified facilities designated (and licensed as necessary) by DHCS as capable of delivering care consistent with ASAM Level 3.5: Clinically- Managed High-Intensity Residential. The daily regimen and structured patterns of residential activities are intended to restore cognitive functioning and build behavioral patterns within a community. Each beneficiary receiving these services shall live on the premises and be supported in their efforts to restore, maintain, and apply interpersonal and independent living skills, and to access community support systems.
CONTRACTOR SHALL PROVIDE and shall require all of its sub-contractors to provide, pay for, and maintain in force at all times during the term of the Agreement, such insurance, including Property Insurance (Builder’s Risk),
CONTRACTOR SHALL PROVIDE. Commercial Customers with a choice of one (1) or more Bins to use for Targeted Recyclable Materials Collection.
CONTRACTOR SHALL PROVIDE. 1.1 This Contract may be utilized for small Pesticide and Herbicide services projects, emergency repairs, and/or on an as-needed basis. Projects are not to exceed $30,000.00, including all costs associated with the individual project, such as labor, material, equipment, etc.
CONTRACTOR SHALL PROVIDE. X Window CleaningPressure washing X General Cleaning ☐ Fabric (window Treatment) ☐ Emergency cleaning services
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CONTRACTOR SHALL PROVIDE a full-time Claims Manager. The Claims Manager shall be exclusively dedicated to the daily administration and supervision of contractor's activities under this contract.
CONTRACTOR SHALL PROVIDE to State a report detailing the identified cause and setting out its detailed corrective action plan promptly after the date the failure occurred (or the date when the failure first became apparent, if it was not apparent immediately after occurrence). 12.11.2 State may demand to review and approve Contractor’s analysis and plans, and Contractor shall make any corrections State instructs and adopt State’s recommendations so far as is commercially practicable, provided that State may insist on any measures it determines within reason to be necessary for safety or protecting property and the environment. 12.11.3 Contractor shall take the necessary action to avoid any like failure in the future, if doing so is appropriate and practicable under the circumstances.
CONTRACTOR SHALL PROVIDE a written policy for the use of volunteers and part-time student interns which may augment paid staff.
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