Basis Sample Clauses

Basis. Cessions may be automatic, capacity facultative, or non-capacity facultative. Only mortality risk will be reinsured under this Agreement. Automatic cessions shall be on a first dollar quota share basis with the Ceding Company retaining its Retained Share as described in Exhibit A. For automatic cessions, Net Amount at Risk in excess of the Retained Share will be ceded to a pool of reinsurers, subject to the Automatic Binding Limits and Jumbo Limits set forth herein. Reinsurer's Percentage Share for purposes of calculating the Reinsured Net Amount at Risk is [*]. Reinsured Net Amount at Risk is as defined in Article 5. Facultative cessions will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Ceding Company at its discretion may submit any policy for facultative consideration rather than automatic cession or in cases where automatic capacity has been exhausted. For facultative cessions, the Ceding Company's Retained Share and the Reinsured Net Amount at Risk shall be determined in the manner described in Exhibit A.
Basis. Executive's employment may be terminated hereunder by MFI or Executive without any breach of this Agreement under the following circumstances and subject to the provisions set forth elsewhere herein:
Basis. Annual leave shall accumulate on the basis of days worked or while on paid leave other than terminal leave.
Basis. All or part of a primary order (order issued from the Federal Government to the buying contractor) must be on a T&M/LH basis. A portion of the primary order may be fixed price, but the items to be purchased under the FAR Part 51 authority must be structured on a T&M/LH basis. T&M/LH contracts/orders are utilized when it is not possible at the time of award to estimate accurately the extent or duration of the work or to confidently anticipate the costs. Prior to awarding an order with a “not to exceed ceiling price”, the Federal Government verifies that the ceiling price for support items and services purchased is reasonable. When GSA contractors place orders with MAS and Global Supply contractors under the FAR 51 authority, the buying contractor who is purchasing the items must not add a fee or markup to the items. Additional fees/surcharges/markups are NOT permitted. Items must be invoiced at the price for which they were procured from the selling contractor.
Basis. Oakland will discipline or discharge a faculty member only for just cause. For purposes of this paragraph "just cause" shall be interpreted in the context of the principles of academic freedom and academic responsibility and shall be limited to:
Basis. The Ceding Company will reinsure 100% of the excess over its retention stated in Exhibit A. Only mortality risk will be reinsured. Cessions may be automatic, capacity facultative or non-capacity facultative. IDSL-NY Succession Select Treaty
Basis. It is more likely than not a Limited Partner's basis for his or her Units will equal the Purchase Price of the Units.
Basis. Respect for human rights and democratic principles as laid down in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights underpins the domestic and international policies of the Parties, and constitutes an essential element of this Agreement.
Basis. Reinsurance under this Agreement must be life insurance as described in Schedule A.