Grievance Committee definition

Grievance Committee means the Grievance Committee of the Bar.
Grievance Committee shall refer to:
Grievance Committee means a conference with the Department or its Designee in which a contested decision regarding an applicant or enrollee is reexamined.

Examples of Grievance Committee in a sentence

  • Grievance committee members may investigate and process grievances during working hours without loss of pay or leave credits.

  • If the Grievance committee considers a grievance to be justified it shall forward a copy of the grievance to the Fire Chief (with a copy to the Manager of Labour Relations) within fourteen (14) calendar days of becoming aware of the incident giving rise to the grievance.

More Definitions of Grievance Committee

Grievance Committee means a committee consisting of two members of the Association appointed from time to time by the executive of the Association and two representatives of the Board, appointed from time to time by the Director of Education. Procedure
Grievance Committee shall consist of not more than four (4) employees for the purpose of processing grievances on behalf of the employees and the Union. Members of this committee will include the President, the Chief Xxxxxxx and the specific Xxxxxxx concerned with the grievance being processed.
Grievance Committee. The committee appointed by the exclusive representative. Subd. 5. Disposed: A settlement of a grievance to the satisfaction of both parties which has been reduced to writing.
Grievance Committee means a Committee of the Association, elected by the Association to serve on the Grievance Committee.
Grievance Committee means the Grievance Committee constituted under Section 25 Part VI Paragraphs 31 to 37 inclusive.
Grievance Committee means individuals who have been appointed by us to respond to grievances that have been filed on appeal from our simplified complaint process established pursuant to the regulation. At least 50 percent of the individuals on this committee will be members who are consumers. Habilitation or habilitation services means health care services that help a patient keep, learn, or improve skills and functioning for daily living. These services may be performed in an inpatient or outpatient setting and include physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.
Grievance Committee means either a four-member faculty committee for faculty only grievances or a four-member group composed of two non-classified staff members below the level of Vice President and two classified staff members for all other grievances. Of the four faculty grievance committee members, one