Boundary Sample Clauses

Boundary. 8.07 Where roads adjacent to Major Regional Parks (including major athletic parks, municipal golf courses, natural open spaces and water areas) are constructed to a Major Road Standard, the City shall pay to the Developer of Record, in addition to any oversize as provided within this Part, the cost of the boundary portion of the carriageway adjacent to the said Major Regional Parks.
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Boundary. A “Distant Location” is any work location that is situated further than twenty-five kilometers (25 km) or more than an average driving time of one-half (½) hour from the edge of the Studio Zone.
Boundary. All flashings, valleys, drips and soakers to the Lead Development Associations details GL Existing Front Elevation Boundary GL GL Existing Flank Wall Existing Side Elevation IMPORTANT NOTE: A Party Wall agreement may be required for these works. See information in the adjacent titleblock for further details Rear Garden GL The location of the boundary shall be confirmed and agreed with the adjacent owner. No part of the works shall be constructed so that it effects a trespass upon the adjacent property. All work shall be undertaken in accordance with the Party Wall agreement 'The Party Wall Act of 1996'. An agreement should also be obtained from the adjoining owner in respect to access to neighbouring properties for the purpose of construction. All work shall be carried out in strict accordance with the British Standard Codes of Practice and respective Manufacturers' Instructions. The contractor is responsible for maintaining the stability of the structure during the course of the works and as such should satisfy himself as to the condition of the structure prior to commencement of works. Should the contractor deem that temporary works are necessary to enable the works to be carried out safely, then he should employ a suitable qualified person to advise accordingly. The contractor will be responsible for the design and installation of all temporary works. Where existing walls have been assumed to be load bearing, these are to be checked and confirmed by the structural engineer prior to commencement of works and to the entire satisfaction of the building control officer. No works should commence until these plans have been approved. Should any works commence or materials ordered prior to the approval notice from the building control officer being issued, then this is done so entirely at the client/contractor's own risk and expense. All dimensions are to be checked and confirmed on site by the contractor, dimensions are not to be used for the ordering of materials or the preparation of cutting lists. Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015: Xxxxx-X Planning are appointed only as Principal Designer up to the production of planning & building regulations dwgs. The client, for all future works, will need to be made aware of their duties under the CDM Regulations to appoint a Principal Designer and Principal Contractor or, in the case of domestic projects, for the Principal Contractor to undertake these duties on behalf of the client. See Specificatio...
Boundary. For the purposes of Schedule HDistrict Allowance Map as at 1 July 2011, the boundaries are as defined by clause 11.2.
Boundary. This is an enclosed area or the edge of the land around your home that is part of your tenancy. Council This means South Holland District Council including officers of the Council and agents or contractors acting on the Council’s behalf. Communal areas These are parts of the building which all tenants have the right to use in connection with their property, for example, halls, stairways, entrances, landings, shared gardens, lawns and landscaped areas, bin areas, drying areas and so on.
Boundary. 2.3.1 The boundaries of the Park shall be as described in Appendix 1. For illustration purposes, Appendix 2 includes a map of the Park boundaries, prepared by the Legal Surveys Division, Natural Resources Canada.
Boundary. The boundaries of the TIF Zone 4 are and shall be those boundaries described as set forth in Exhibit “A,” attached hereto.
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Boundary. Urbanized Area boundaries are established following each decennial census. The boundary distinguishes between urban and rural places for funding and system classification purposes. The L-DC MPO and KDOT, working together cooperatively, may adjust the census-defined Urbanized Area boundary to create a smooth, definable boundary between urban and rural places. The Urbanized Area boundary will be reviewed at the establishment of new Urbanized Area boundaries following each decennial census, and adjusted as appropriate.
Boundary. The scope has been tailored to the parking levels at TIA. The area is approximately 968,670 SF of existing space to be scanned and subsequently converted to a Revit deliverable. DBS is planning on deploying 3 crews to scan the facility. Any increase or decrease to the square footage will result in a modification to this proposal. No changes or alterations will be made to the scope below without discussions with C&S. Scope of Work Short Term Parking Level 4 – 57,326 SF Short Term Parking Level 5 – 118,360 SF Long Term Parking Level 4 – 160,065 SF Long Term Parking Level 7 – 236,427 SF Long Term Parking Ceiling Only of Level 3 – 160,065 SF Long Term Parking Ceiling Only of Level 6 – 236,427 SF Total Square Feet to be scanned and modeled – 968,670 Note – The scope for Long Term Ceiling Only of Levels 3 and 6 will mirror the same scope that we are completing for the floor surface of Long Term Parking Levels 4 and 7. On the following four pages the scope is shown for Short Term Levels 4 and 5 along with Long Term Levels 4 and 7. The scope of the Ceiling Only scans of Levels 3 and 6 of the Long Term Parking are not shown below. The scope will require ceiling tile removal and replacement only at the location shown below on Level 7 Long Term. Area requiring Ceiling Tile Removal and Replacement If the client desires to have onsite control tied to the scan and subsequent model, it must be provided prior to scanning. DBS will assist with the coordination of the teams’ survey partner if needed. DBS has stated in the previous scope discussions that we need approximately six points per level, or the client may opt to direct the survey crew to record our temporary targets which will allow for the same georeferencing to occur. Capture all MEPFP building systems located within a 30ft perimeter of the monorail system. We assume these systems to be relatively low density, similar to what exists in a typical parking garage. A 3D laser scanner is a line-of-sight measurement instrument and can only record or capture visible elements with the instrument’s sight line. Any difficult to reach areas obstructed by permanent immovable partitions may not be captured by the scanner. Existing vehicles located in the parking garage at the time of scanning may result in assumptions or missing data in the model of the blocked surfaces. Any coordination to have vehicles removed on levels prior to scanning is the responsibility of the client. Deliverable Details Grayscale Webshare of scan dat...
Boundary. Seller has received no written notice from any adjoining property owner alleging: (i) any boundary disputes with such adjoining landowners respecting the Property; (ii) a dispute relating to impairments of access to and from the Property; or (iii) a default by Seller under any recorded agreement.
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