Definition of Temporary Works

Temporary Works means all temporary works of every kind required for the execution completion and/or maintenance of the works.
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Temporary Works means [ ];
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Examples of Temporary Works in a sentence

The Superintendent may extend the time for removal of Temporary Works or Constructional Plant necessary to enable the Contractor to perform remaining obligations.
Temporary Works Percentage the percentage of the Contract Sum that consists of non-reusable temporary works set out in Appendix 7.
Design cantilever and braced shoring in accordance with the plans developed by the Design-Build Team and AASHTO Guide Design Specifications for Bridge Temporary Works.
Temporary Works those Work Elements identified in the Pricing Document or Works Requirements as being non-reusable temporary works.
TEMPORARY WORKS AND SERVICES Location of Temporary Works 1.24 Obtain approval from the SO and utility undertakings where necessary for the location of spoil heaps, temporary roads, services, temporary buildings, latrines and the like.