Site Sample Clauses

Site. Lands or areas indicated in the Contract Documents as being furnished by the Owner upon which the Work is to be performed, including rights-of-way and easements for access thereto, and such other lands furnished by the Owner that are designated for the use of the Contractor. Also referred to as Project Site, Job Site and Premises.
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Site. Where any Company-Owned Interconnection Facilities are to be located on the Site, Seller shall provide, at no expense to Company, a location and access acceptable to Company for all such Company-Owned Interconnection Facilities, as well as an easement, license or right of entry to access such Company-Owned Interconnection Facilities. If power sources (120/240VAC) are required, Seller shall provide such sources, at no expense to Company.
Site. The physical area for construction and related activities of the Project.
Site. Location(s) specified by Department where Deliverables are to be installed or Services rendered.
Site. Site means the designated site or location of the Work identified in row A.2 of the Information Sheet.
Site. The hearing will take place at a site mutually acceptable to the parties. Failing agreement, the Arbitrator shall select the site.
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Site. The site or sites for the Works described in the Contract Particulars. Site Management Plan The plan prepared by the Contractor and finalised under clause 9.2, which must set out in adequate detail all procedures the Contractor will implement to manage the Contractor's Activities and the Works on and near the Site. The Site Management Plan must address, at a minimum: all Statutory Requirements; the roles and responsibilities of all Contractor and subcontractor personnel (including the Contractor's Representative and the Contractor's key people under clause 3.6(a)) regarding management of the Contractor's Activities and the Works on and near the Site; the procedure for consultation, cooperation and coordination of activities with the Contract Administrator, the Commonwealth and Other Contractors regarding the occupation, use, operation and maintenance of Commonwealth property and the Site (including for the purpose of military activities, expeditions and exercises) during the Contractor's Activities and the Works; procedures for access to: Commonwealth property (including any Defence location); and the Site, by Contractor and subcontractor personnel, visitors, pedestrians and vehicles, including procedures for: ensuring security (including identification and pass procedures and any physical security measures); minimising disruption and inconvenience to the Commonwealth and Other Contractors; vehicle and traffic management; and noise management; without limiting paragraph (d), Site inductions, training and other awareness programmes provided to Contactor and subcontractor personnel in respect of Commonwealth property and the Site; procedures for: establishing the Site (including site amenities, laydown areas and parking zones); cleaning, maintenance, waste management and debris control on Commonwealth property and the Site; and any dangerous or prohibited substances, material or goods (including Commonwealth property) on the Site relevant to the Contractor's Activities and the Works; if the Contractor's Activities or the Works are to be carried out on or in the vicinity of an airfield, the procedure for preparation and approval of a Method of Work Plan for Airfield Activities; the procedure for preparing (including tailoring) and finalising the Site Management Plan under clause 9.2; the procedure for regularly reviewing, updating and amending the Site Management Plan under clause 9.2 (including as a result of any Site management complaint, incident, near-mis...
Site. Site requirements and analysis including location, boundaries, topography, vegetation, utilities, climate, flooding, traffic, noise, and adjacent buildings .3 Space: Space requirements and relations including narrative description by area (square footage recommendations)
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