Square Footage Sample Clauses

Square Footage. Statements of approximate square footages of the Residence may be made in the Plans and Specifications. Purchaser acknowledges, however, that square footage calculations may be made in a variety of manners, and as long as the Residence is constructed substantially in accordance with the Plans and Specifications, Purchaser will have no right to rescind this Agreement, nor will Purchaser be entitled to any claim for breach of this Agreement or adjustment of the Purchase Price, on account of alleged discrepancies in square footage calculations. For example, the architectural method measures square footage from the outside edge of the exterior walls to the mid-point of the interior walls and is often used as the measurement in architectural plans. Another method, typically used in condominium maps and recorded condominium declarations, varies from the architectural method and measures square footage from the inside edge of the exterior walls to the inside edge of the interior walls. PURCHASER HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGES THAT PURCHASER HAS REVIEWED AND ACCEPTED THE PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS AND HAS INDEPENDENTLY VERIFIED THE SQUARE FOOTAGES CONTAINED THEREIN.
Square Footage. Buyer acknowledges that the square footage of the Property has not been measured by Seller, Seller’s broker or its auctioneer (including the square footage of the lot and home) and the square footage quoted on any marketing tools such as advertisements, brochures, MLS data, the auction website and any other information provided is based on information supplied to Seller and is deemed approximate and not guaranteed. Buyer further acknowledges that Buyer has not relied upon any such marketing tool and that such tools are not representations and/or warranties of Seller or its agent.
Square Footage. The Facility’s’ utility xxxx will be allocated to each unit based on a percentage assigned to each unit based on the square footage of that unit compared to the total amount of rentable and occupied square feet of all units at the Facility. The per unit cost will then be divided by the number of days each bed was occupied in that unit to come up with each resident’s charge.
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Square Footage. Tenant acknowledges that no representations have been made by the Owner as to the amount of square footage in the Demised Premises, irrespective of any reference in this Lease to square footage for any computation. The Tenant has inspected the Demised Premises and relies upon its own judgment in computing the square footage.
Square Footage. The square footage and construction costs of all improvements on any Lot shall be in accordance with the plans for each Lot as approved by the ARC, but in not case shall the under roof heated interior space of a main dwelling, exclusive of porches and decks, garage or similar non-year-round heated space be less than one thousand eight hundred (1,800) square feet.
Square Footage. Tenant confirms that it has had ample opportunity to inspect the Leased Premises and Project and to confirm the Total Rentable Area and Tenant Area. Tenant acknowledges that there are several different methods to calculate the square footage, and Tenant has approved the method used to calculate the Total Rentable Area and Tenant Area specified in this Lease.
Square Footage. A square footage calculation for the Property is shown on the Plat. Buyer understands and agrees that there are various methods for calculating the square footage of a Property and, depending on the method of calculation, the quoted square footage of the Property may vary by more than a nominal amount. For example, architects often measure square footage from the outside edge of the exterior walls to the mid-point of the interior walls. Another method, typically used in condominium plats, measures square footage from the inside edge of the exterior walls to the inside edge of the interior walls. The actual unit area square footages of the airspace comprising a unit, including the Property, may be less than the unit area square footage set forth in the Declaration and the governing documents of the Association, and/or the marketing materials. Accordingly, during the pre-Closing inspection, Buyer should review the size and dimensions of the Property. At Closing, Buyer shall be deemed to have conclusively agreed to accept the size and dimensions of the Property, regardless of any variances in the square footage from that which may have been disclosed to Buyer at any time prior to Closing. Seller does not make any representation or warranty as to the actual size, dimensions or square footage of the Property, and Buyer hereby waives and expressly releases any such warranty and claim for loss or damage resulting from any variances between any represented or otherwise disclosed square footage and the actual square footage. The provisions of this Section shall survive the Closing.
Square Footage. For the particular Property described herein, that minimum square footage is square feet of heated and cooled space (excluding garages, and open porches). If marked N/A, then the minimum is as shown in the recorded documents..