Exterior Sample Clauses

Exterior. Tenant shall not place or cause to be placed on the exterior of the Premises, or visible from the exterior of the Premises, or upon the roof or on any exterior door or wall or on any part of the Common Areas, any sign, awning, canopy, marquee, advertising matter, decoration, lettering, or any other thing of any kind (exclusive of the signs, if any, which may be provided for in the Tenant Improvements), without the prior written consent of Landlord, which consent may be withheld at Landlord’s discretion.
Exterior fencing (renail boards and repair hardware) - repair/replace signage and numbers - clean gutters and debris from roofs - remove/replant damaged shrubs and flowers - water flower and shrub bed which will deteriorate through lack of water
Exterior. Siding: Hardi-Panel, Smart Panel or Hi-Rib Steel Roofing: 45mil EPDM Exterior Doors: Steel Door, Steel Jamb with View Block Windows: Double Insulated Glass with Aluminum Frame HVAC: Wall Mount with Heat Strip, Sized as Required Misc: Misc: None Interior Wall Finish: Vinyl Clad Gypsum Ceiling: Prefinished Gypsum, 2 x 4 Suspend Ceiling Floor Finish: 20 oz Level Loop Carpet Floor Finish: Vinyl Composition Tile Interior Doors: Hollow Core/Steel Jamb Doors Misc: Marker and Tack board (optional) Misc: ADA Restroom (optional)
Exterior. All outside perimeter and vestibule windows, inside and out, at least three (3) times yearly.
Exterior. Weatherproof, heavy‐duty cylindrical lockset type with throw latch bolt. All exterior locksets must be designed or protected so they cannot be grasped by any wrenching device. Knob handles are not acceptable. All entry doors shall be equipped with electric push button operators for the handicapped. Operator push switch plates shall be of 6‐1/4” diameter with embossed wheelchair symbol. All double doors at entrances shall be equipped with a tamper‐proof astragal and have vertical deadbolts at the top and bottom of each door (verify requirements with local fire marshal or authority having jurisdiction).
Exterior. Subject to approval by Landlord and Tenant, Landlord shall erect an exterior sign on its sign band which conforms to the Sign Criteria and governmental requirements at Landlord’s expense. Tenant shall also have the right to install monument signage at Tenant’s expense. Except for those signs and advertising devices which conform to the Sign Criteria and governmental requirements, Tenant shall not erect, place, paint, and maintainin or on the Premises, any sign, exterior advertising medium, or any other object of any kind whatsoever, including paper or cardboard signs, temporary signs (exclusive of contractor signs), stickers or decals (whether an advertising device or not), which are visible or audible outside of the Premises. The foregoing shall permit the placement at the entrance of each tenants' space of a small sticker or decal indicating hours of business, emergency telephone numbers and anything required by applicable regulatory agencies. Tenant shall not change the color, size, location, composition, wording, or design of any sign or advertisement on the Premises that may have been theretofore approved by Landlord and governmental authorities without the prior written approval of Landlord and said authorities. Tenant shall be responsible for all repairs as the result of removal and change to Tenant’s exterior signage. Tenant shall at its own expense maintain and keep in good repair all installations, signs, and advertising devices which it is permitted by Landlord to maintain and shall pay all charges required to keep them in good repair. Tenant must secure a sign contract within thirty (30) days of execution of this Lease. Failure to do so shall be a material Default of this Lease entitling Landlord to exercise any of its remedies hereunder including, without limitation, performing Tenant's obligations at Tenant's cost as contemplated by Section 8.3. Tenants' sign must be installed and operating on or before the date Tenant opens for business and such sign shall be deemed part of the realty once installed. Tenant's sign shall be duly inspected and approved by the appropriate governmental department or authority. Tenant shall provide Landlord with a copy of the signed inspection report evidencing such approval within ten (10) days after its receipt by Tenant. In the event Landlord remodels the Shopping Center, Tenant shall, within six (6) months following completion of the remodeling cause Tenant's sign to conform to any new sign criteria then prom...