Parking Garage definition

Parking Garage means a building or portion of a building, other than a private garage, that is used for the temporary parking of motor vehicles;
Parking Garage means a building, or portion of a building, or structure or portion of a structure, the primary purpose of which is the parking or storage of motor vehicles.
Parking Garage means all or a portion of a building or structure the principal or intended principal use of which is the parking or storage of motor vehicles but excludes all or a portion of a building or structure that provides no more than four motor vehicle parking or storage spaces accessory to a residential use;

Examples of Parking Garage in a sentence

  • TENANT recognizes that the common area facilities which may include such items as a Fitness Center, Sauna, Volleyball Court, BBQ Area, Swimming Pool, Parking Garage, Commercial Spaces, Television Room, Hot Tubs, Theater Room, Game Room, Study Lounge, Business Center or other similar facilities (hereinafter said Common Area Facilities are collectively referred to as “FACILITIES”) have been made available by LANDLORD to TENANT.

  • Xxxxxxxx Xx. 0 is responsible for management, maintenance and operation of the Base Village Conference Center, the Base Village Transit Center and the public/skier portions of the Base Village Parking Garage, among other areas of responsibility.

  • Further, Purchaser acknowledges that owners within the Project are entitled to certain limited parking rights in the residential areas of the Base Village Parking Garage and that owners within Snowmass Base Village are entitled to certain reciprocal limited parking rights in the underground parking of the Project.

  • During construction of the Public Parking Garage, DSA and Developer agree to use reasonable, good faith efforts to resolve any disputes which may arise in connection with this Agreement.

  • Receipt of evidence reasonably acceptable to the DSA that the public authorities with jurisdiction over the Public Parking Garage have approved the Public Parking Garage in its entirety for permanent occupancy to the extent any such approval is a condition of the lawful use and occupancy of the Public Parking Garage.

More Definitions of Parking Garage

Parking Garage means a building, or part thereof, used for the parking of vehicles and may include any permitted use in the first storey, but shall not include any area where vehicles for sale or repair are kept or stored. A parking garage includes underground parking and a parking structure.
Parking Garage means any structure or portion of a structure owned by or leased to the City and set apart by Council for the purpose of parking vehicles upon payment of the fees hereinafter prescribed and compliance with the conditions contained in this article. (Ord. 17-1988 §1. Passed 10-4-88.)
Parking Garage means land used or a building designed or used exclusively for the parking of motor vehicles not being trade for sale;
Parking Garage shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in the Parking Agreement.
Parking Garage or “parking deck” - means an enclosed facility, deck or ramp, comprised of more than one level, provided for parking of vehicles.
Parking Garage means a structure for parking or storage of vehicles. A parking garage may be accessory to a principal use or structure on a lot or may be the principal structure on a lot.
Parking Garage means a building or part thereof used or intended for the storage or parking of motor vehicles, boats, trailers bicycles or other machinery and which contains no facilities for the repair or servicing of vehicles as authorized in accordance with municipal by-laws.