Parking Garage definition

Parking Garage means a building or portion of a building, other than a private garage, that is used for the temporary parking of motor vehicles;
Parking Garage means a building, or portion of a building, or structure or portion of a structure, the primary purpose of which is the parking or storage of motor vehicles.
Parking Garage means any structure or portion of a structure owned by or leased to the City and set apart by Council for the purpose of parking vehicles upon payment of the fees hereinafter prescribed and compliance with the conditions contained in this article. (Ord. 17-1988 §1. Passed 10-4-88.)

Examples of Parking Garage in a sentence

  • All vehicular parking shall be provided in an underground Parking Garage.3. Adequate sight lines shall be maintained for vehicles entering and exiting the Parking Garage, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer in consultation with Subdivision and Development Coordination (Transportation).4.

  • Also, $2,000,000 of CMAQ funding was granted to the Conshohocken Parking Garage project, from the highway portion of the TIP (MPMS #111005), which has already been FLEXed and will be moved from FY2019 to FY2020, in the Transit TIP, so that the funding may be obligated in a grant.

  • This includes the Long Term Parking Garage, Short Term Parking Garage, Bombardier offices, Flagship offices and other adjacent spaces.

  • Chairperson Lee entertained a motion for the Authority to authorize the executive director to execute a contract for parking operations and management services for Kauhale Kakaako Parking Garage for a term not to exceed three years and to expend an amount not to exceed $750,000.00 from the Hawaii Community Development Revolving Fund, Leasing and Management Subaccount.

  • Immediately to the east of the roundabout is the security gate to the South Parking Garage.

More Definitions of Parking Garage

Parking Garage means all or a portion of a building or structure the principal or intended principal use of which is the parking or storage of motor vehicles but excludes all or a portion of a building or structure that provides no more than four motor vehicle parking or storage spaces accessory to a residential use;
Parking Garage means a building, or part thereof, used for the parking of vehicles and may include any permitted use in the first storey, but shall not include any area where vehicles for sale or repair are kept or stored. A parking garage includes underground parking and a parking structure.
Parking Garage means the underground parking garage to be constructed on the Property as part of the Improvements. The Parking Garage shall comply with the Scope of Development (Attachment No. 4).
Parking Garage means a building or portion of a building, other than a private garage, located below grade that is used for the temporary parking of motor vehicles, as an accessory use to the principle use or uses permitted on the site, except that parking spaces which are accessory to non-residential uses within the mixed-use building may also be occupied by motor vehicles whose users are not occupants or customers of the mixed-use building and the owner may charge a fee for the use of such parking spaces,
Parking Garage means a structure for parking or storage of vehicles. A parking garage may be accessory to a principal use or structure on a lot or may be the principal structure on a lot.
Parking Garage shall collectively mean (i) the three (3) level subterranean parking garage located below the Building and constructed as part of the Base Building Work, and (ii) such other parking garages as may be constructed from time to time within the Project and subsequently made available to the Building under reciprocal easement agreements, operating agreements or other such agreements now or hereafter in effect. Payments under the parking contracts shall constitute Additional Rent for purposes of this Lease. Payments under this Section shall be made directly to the Parking Garage or applicable parking operator in accordance with the provisions of the parking contracts. Without limiting Landlord’s other remedies under this Lease, if Tenant shall fail to pay the amounts due under any parking contract for more than ten (10) days after notice of such failure given by Landlord or the applicable parking operator, or if Tenant shall cease to contract for any access device for more than 60 consecutive days, or if Tenant relinquishes in any manner any parking contract(s), then Landlord may permanently terminate Tenant’s rights to the applicable number of access devices immediately upon notice by Landlord to Tenant (such terminations, if any, to be applied first to parking contracts for surface parking hereunder and then to parking contracts in the Parking Garage). Tenant may irrevocably relinquish any such parking contract(s) on 30 days’ prior written notice to Landlord (in which event the number of parking access devices specified in Section 1.14 shall be deemed to have been reduced accordingly). If Landlord shall fail to provide any or all of the parking spaces for Tenant parking hereunder other than due to (i) temporary interruptions of not more than one (1) business day, (ii) the operation of the South Boston Parking Freeze Regulations as set forth in the following paragraph or (iii) Tenant’s default as specified in the preceding sentence, then Tenant shall not be required to make payments under the parking contracts for such parking spaces during the period in which such parking spaces are unavailable. The Parking Garage operator’s failure to provide the Parking Spaces to Tenant, other than in the event of a temporary closure of the Parking Garage due to casualty, governmental action or other cause beyond Landlord’s and such Parking Garage operator’s reasonable control, or as otherwise permitted hereunder, shall constitute a default by Landlord hereunder, subject to ...