Level 5 Sample Clauses

Level 5. If the Employee is not satisfied with the disposition of the grievance at Xxxxx 0, the Association may request a pre-arbitration conference. Such request must be submitted within ten (10) days to the Superintendent. The Superintendent will schedule the requested conference within ten (10) days. Following this conference, the Superintendent shall respond within ten (10) days in writing.
Level 5. Requires 15 Semester Units The employee may utilize not more than six (6) academic units to meet this requirement.
Level 5. In the event that the Union is not satisfied with a decision made at the School Board level, the Union will provide notice, within ten (10) days, that the Union refers the grievance for arbitration. The Union shall notify the Chair of the Board and the parties shall apply to the NH PELRB for a list of arbitrators within seven (7) days. Upon selection of a mutually agreed upon arbitrator, said arbitrator shall hear the appeal, but have no power or authority other than to interpret and apply the articles of this Agreement. The arbitrator has no power to add to, subtract from, alter, or modify the articles or their intent. The arbitrator shall submit a decision in writing to both the Board and the grieving parties. It is understood that the decision shall be binding. It is further understood that any costs for arbitration shall be paid by both parties equally.
Level 5. If the SMEA is not satisfied with the disposition of the grievance by the Board, or if no disposition has been made within the period above provided, the grievance may be submitted to the Michigan Employment Relations Commission by the SMEA for mediation before an impartial mediator. Submission to mediation must be made within twenty (20) days after receipt of the Board's disposition.
Level 5. If the Executive Committee of the Association, and the Board of Education shall be unable to resolve any grievance, and it shall involve an alleged xxxxx- tion of a specific article and/or section of this Agreement, it may within ten
Level 5. An Employee at this level performs work above and beyond the skills of an Employee at Level 4.
Level 5. An Employee who is appointed at this level will have relevant tertiary qualifications (eg: Diploma), or equivalent industry level experience as assessed by Calvary.
Level 5 a. If the grievant is not satisfied with the decision at Xxxxx 0, if used, or Xxxxx 0, or if no decision is received, he/she may within five (5) days submit to the Association a request in writing to pursue arbitration. The Association only, at its sole discretion, may submit the request within ten (10) days to the Superintendent to submit the matter to arbitration.
Level 5. The Board of Trustees shall consider the arbitrator's recommendation at its next regular meeting, provided at least ten (10) days have elapsed since receipt of the decision. The Board of Trustees may implement the arbitrator's decision in whole or in part; may decide not to implement the decision; may meet with the parties to discuss other alternative solutions; or may take whatever other action it deems appropriate. The action of the Board of Trustees shall be final and binding. In the case of a grievant who has appealed a decision of the Chancellor directly to Level 5, the Board of Trustees shall render its decision in writing within twenty (20) days of the day the Board heard the grievance. The action of the Board of Trustees shall be final and binding. Should the Board reject an arbitrator's decision, which sustains the grievant, the grievant and/or the Association may appeal the Board's decision in a court of competent jurisdiction.
Level 5. Employees employed after the 1st August 2007 with the appropriate level of training, including a supervisory course, who are appointed by the Employer to train, supervise and co-ordinate the work of kitchen, bar and/or restaurant Employees including maintenance of service and operational standards, preparation of operational reports and preparing staff rosters or an Employee who has the appropriate level of training including a supervisor's course and trains and co-ordinates the work other lower level staff.