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  • Landlord reserves the right to stop Building Systems services when necessary (i) by reason of accident or emergency, or (ii) for planned repairs, alterations or improvements, which are, in the judgment of Landlord, desirable or necessary to be made, until said repairs, alterations or improvements shall have been completed.

  • Landlord shall have no responsibility or liability for failure to supply Building Systems services during any such period of interruption; provided, however, that Landlord shall, except in case of emergency, make a commercially reasonable effort to give Tenant 24 hours advance notice of any planned stoppage of Building Systems services for routine maintenance, repairs, alterations or improvements.

  • The information contained in this quarterly report fairly presents, in all material respects, the financial condition and results of operations of NCI Building Systems, Inc.

  • Clarkwestern Dietrich Building Systems

  • If no designation exists, assign a designation according to ASHRAE Guideline 4, "Preparation of Operating and Maintenance Documentation for Building Systems." 2.2 MANUALS, GENERAL A.

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Building Systems means: (a) all heating, ventilating, air conditioning, climate control and humidity control equipment and systems serving the Demised Premises; (b) other systems, services, installations and facilities installed in or servicing the Building including, without limitation, the following systems, services, installations and facilities: mechanical, plumbing, sprinkler, drainage and sewage, elevators, electrical and other utilities, lighting, life safety (including fire prevention, detectors, safety system testing and plans, communications, security and surveillance), computer (including environmental, security and lighting control), ice and snow melting, refuse removal, window washing and music; (c) all machinery, appliances, equipment, apparatus, components, computer software and appurtenances forming part of or used for or in connection with any of such systems, services, installations and facilities including, but not limited to, boilers, motors, generators, fans, pumps, pipes, conduits, ducts, valves, wiring, meters and controls, and the structures and shafts housing and enclosing any of them; and (d) all Landlord owned or controlled telecommunications facilities, pathways, installations and equipment.
Building Systems means (1) the elevators and escalators of the Building; (2) the window washing and waste compacting and removal equipment of the Building; (3) the core toilets and utility closets of the Building, and all fixtures and equipment installed therein; and (4) the electrical, HVAC, mechanical, chilled water, condenser water, plumbing, domestic water, sanitary, sprinkler, fire control, alarm and prevention, BMS, life safety and security systems and other facilities of the Building (together with all related equipment), brought to and including, but not beyond, the point on each floor of the Building at which such systems connect to horizontal distribution facilities; provided, however that, notwithstanding anything contained in this clause (4) to the contrary, the following shall be considered part of the Building Systems: (x) the entire main distribution loop of the sprinkler system on each floor of the Building and (y) the entire perimeter HVAC system on each floor of the Building.
Building Systems means the mechanical, electrical, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, elevator, plumbing, sanitary, life-safety and other service systems of the Building, but shall not include the portions of such systems installed in the Premises or elsewhere in the Building by Tenant.
Building Systems means and refer to the Building and/or Property systems and equipment, including, without limitation, all fire/life safety, electrical, HVAC, plumbing or sprinkler, access control (including, without limitation, Landlord’s Access Control Systems), mechanical, and telecommunications systems and equipment.