The Contractor will Sample Clauses

The Contractor will. (a) Establish and maintain accounting and administrative records in form and content satisfactory of the Regional District, to be used as the basis for the calculation of the Contract Price;
The Contractor will. 1.1.1 Provide all the materials and perform all Work shown on the Drawings and described in the Specifications and as otherwise indicated in the Contract Documents for the Project described as: Fort La Xxxxx School Division Office Addition which both parties have signed in duplicate, and which were prepared by Hillview Drafting
The Contractor will a. At the request of OCII staff, provide support services at up to six (6) workshops per year. If requested, the Contractor will be responsible for providing workshop notes within two (2) weeks, or earlier if requested.
The Contractor will. 6.1.1 identify and manage attempts of known types of urgent security breaches;
The Contractor will. (a) supply at its own expense all plant, equipment and facilities required to carry out the Works (other than any that the University has agreed in writing to supply) and ensure that such plant, equipment and facilities are maintained at all times in a safe and good working condition;
The Contractor will. 1. Notify the Department of all job openings that exists or result from the Procurement Contract.
The Contractor will. Provide fully trained, Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence holding or fully vetted to DBS standard, personnel to fulfil all required Services and meet all the legal obligations including dealing with any legislation changes; Provide the authorised representatives of the Council with “read only” access to the Contractor’s systems in order to analyse the data, monitor the contract; Ensure that their authorised personnel have the necessary access to the Council’s relevant premises and all IT used by the Contractor conform to all the Council’s Policies and Procedures; Ensure that all authorisation cards and the Council’s building access cards are returned to the Council within 24 hrs of an employee leaving the Contractor’s employment; On termination of the Contract, immediately return Identity badges, authorisations, Pocket Books, building access cards and any other materials/documents to the Council; Provide on-going improvement to the Service, including feedback on areas where signage could be improved and where possible assist in the relevant implementations;
The Contractor will. 4.1.1 Ensure they have read and fully understand the content of this SLA in order to follow the designated process. A checklist can be found at Appendix A of this document which Contractors might find useful.