The Contractor will Sample Clauses

The Contractor will. (a) Notify each Grower for whom a Grower number is listed under Schedule 3, in writing, of any insurance claim lodged with ZGL under either the Marine Cargo Policy or under clause B4.1, within 5 working days of the receipt of the ZGL claim notification as per clause B10.1. Such notification to the Growers must specify the variety and the quantity of Kiwifruit subject to the claim; and
The Contractor will monitor compliance with the data protection provisions of this Agreement, and with the Client’s documented instructions, at regular intervals throughout the entire term of the Agreement. The results of these checks will be submitted to the Client on request, where such results are relevant for processing of the Client’s data. The monitoring measures will be set out in a data protection policy, to be provided to the Client on request.
The Contractor will. 1. Notify the Department of all job openings that exists or result from the Procurement Contract.
The Contractor will. 1.1.1 Provide all the materials and perform all Work shown on the Drawings and described in the Specifications and as otherwise indicated in the Contract Documents for the Project described as: Fort La Bosse School Division Office Addition which both parties have signed in duplicate, and which were prepared by Hillview Drafting
The Contractor will a. At the request of OCII staff, provide support services at up to six (6) workshops per year. If requested, the Contractor will be responsible for providing workshop notes within two (2) weeks, or earlier if requested.
The Contractor will. 6.1.1 identify and manage attempts of known types of urgent security breaches;
The Contractor will. (a) supply at its own expense all plant, equipment and facilities required to carry out the Works (other than any that the University has agreed in writing to supply) and ensure that such plant, equipment and facilities are maintained at all times in a safe and good working condition;