Attraction Sample Clauses

Attraction. As used in this Formal Agreement, "Attraction" means, without limitation (but solely and exclusively in connection with the rights granted pursuant to Paragraph III(A) of the Formal Agreement), live performances, shows, exhibits, attractions, animated and non-animated films (using both then existing films owned or licensed by Xx. Xxxxx Enterprises and films that may be produced for MCA's purposes; provided, however, that use of existing films owned or licensed by Xx. Xxxxx Enterprises is subject to Xx. Xxxxx Enterprises' prior written approval and subject to availability of rights under existing agreements relating to such films), visual displays, demonstrations, set designs, musical shows, live or taped shows or films, all configurations of digital storage and delivery systems and/or technology now known or hereafter devised, including without limitation, all computer-assisted media rights (including without limitation, CD-ROM, CD-I, 3D0 and all similar hard or floppy disc systems, interactive cable limited to exhibition and use within Theme Parks owned or operated by MCA pursuant to this Formal Agreement and the marketing thereof (as provided in Paragraph III(A) of the Formal Agreement) and all other interactive media, systems, devices or methods now known or hereafter devised), virtual reality devices or simulators, backgrounds, costumes, amusement park rides, ride/films, funhouses, strollers, restaurants, food vending facilities, food or merchandise carts, game/arcade areas, decorations, activities, shops, and as otherwise provided in this Formal Agreement and, subject to Paragraph II of the Formal Agreement, in any other manner in which characters or elements are used (or are going to be used) by any means of demonstration, exhibition or technology whether now known or hereafter invented (provided such means shall be consistent with the grant of rights contained in Paragraph III(A) of the Formal Agreement) by MCA in Theme Parks.

Related to Attraction

  • Profitability Borrower shall maintain, measured as of the last day of each quarter: (i) a maximum net loss of One Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($1,500,000.00) as of the last day of the third quarter of 1998; (ii) a maximum net loss of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) as of the last day of the fourth quarter of 1998; and (iii) a profit for each quarter commencing with the first quarter of Borrower's fiscal year 1999 with an allowance for one quarterly loss during such fiscal year of no greater than Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars ($250,000.00).

  • Incentives The IPTVO shall, subject to compliance with each of the Incentive Eligibility Conditions set out in Clause 2.1 of this Addendum, be entitled to avail the following incentives on a cumulative basis for the TELUGU Bouquet on the TELUGU Bouquet Rate.

  • Rewards No member of the Gapbuster Group is responsible for the provision of any rewards or incentives offered on or through KODO. Each Content Provider is solely responsible for providing any reward, and if You have any questions, concerns or difficulty in relation to any reward You should contact the relevant Content Provider. By using the ‘share’ feature in respect of any reward, You acknowledge and agree that You have the consent of the recipient with whom you are sharing the reward to send the reward to them by electronic means. No member of the Gapbuster Group accepts any liability for the content of any message or any reward sent using the ‘share’ feature.

  • Leadership Providing leadership in the planning and implementation necessary for the successful operation of the Institution and to ensure that the Institution develops to its potential;

  • Workforce A. The Contractor shall employ only orderly and competent workers, skilled in the performance of the services which they will perform under the Contract.

  • Mutuality The Parties acknowledge and declare that this Agreement is the result of extensive negotiations between them. Accordingly, if there is any ambiguity in this Agreement, there shall be no presumption that this instrument was prepared solely by any Party.

  • Subconsultants Consultant shall require all subconsultants to agree in writing that City is granted a non-exclusive and perpetual license for any Documents & Data the subconsultant prepares under this Agreement. Consultant represents and warrants that Consultant has the legal right to license any and all Documents & Data. Consultant makes no such representation and warranty in regard to Documents & Data which were prepared by design professionals other than Consultant or its subconsultants, or those provided to Consultant by the City.

  • Sub-Consultants All sub-consultants shall comply with each and every insurance provision of this Section 3.2.10. Consultant shall therefore not allow any sub-consultant to commence work on any subcontract to perform any part of the Services until it has provided evidence satisfactory to the City that the sub-consultant has secured all insurance required under this Agreement.

  • Geometric visibility The visibility of the illuminating surface, including its visibility in areas which do not appear to be illuminated in the direction of observation considered, shall be ensured within a divergent space defined by generating lines based on the perimeter of the illuminating surface and forming an angle of not less than 5° with the axis of reference of the headlamp.

  • PRODUCTIVITY 9.01 The Union and the Employer recognize the mutual value of improving by all proper and reasonable means, the productivity of the individual worker and both will undertake individually and jointly to pro- xxxx such increased productivity.