Solely and exclusively definition

Solely and exclusively means a member’s work is so substantial a factor of the disability that it would not have occurred at the time without it and a preexisting condition is not a significant factor material to the disability.
Solely and exclusively means your work was a sub- stantial factor of the death such that the death would not have occurred if the work was not being performed. A
Solely and exclusively means your work was a

Examples of Solely and exclusively in a sentence

  • Solely and exclusively for internal training purposes, provided that the recording is edited so that the identity of individuals depicted in the recording cannot be determined by persons viewing the training video unless the depicted individuals have consented to the recording being used for training purposes.

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Solely and exclusively means your work was a substantial factor of the death such that the death would not have occurred if the work was not being performed. A pre-existing condition cannot be a significant contributing factor material to the death.

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