Solely and exclusively definition

Solely and exclusively means the member's work is so substantial a factor of the disability that the disability would not have occurred at the time without it and a pre-existing condition is not a significant contributing factor material to the disability.
Solely and exclusively means your work was a
Solely and exclusively means your work was a sub- stantial factor of the death such that the death would not have occurred if the work was not being performed. A

Examples of Solely and exclusively in a sentence

  • Solely and exclusively for internal training purposes, provided that the recording is edited so that the identity of individuals depicted in the recording cannot be determined by persons viewing the training video unless the depicted individuals have consented to the recording being used for training purposes.

  • Solely and exclusively for the purposes of reelection, the Board of Directors may authorize the waiving of the age limit set forth, conditional on approval being forthcoming from at least, 2/3 (two thirds) of the Directors.

  • Ward Centers is situated along prime Hawaii beachfront property located within one mile of downtown Honolulu and within walking distance of the Ala Moana Center, one of the highest traffic and sales volume regional malls in the world.

  • Chappelle, Chief Executive Officer Solely and exclusively for the limited purpose of Section 6.7, Section 10.3 and Section 11.13 PETRO OPERATING COMPANY HOLDINGS, INC.

  • Chappelle Title: President Solely and exclusively for the limited purpose of Section 6.7, Section 10.3 and Section 11.13 GALVESTON BAY RESOURCES HOLDINGS, LP By: Galveston Bay Resources Holdings GP, LLC, its general partner By: /s/ Harlan H.

  • NotesIncome / (Expenses)(*) Solely and exclusively presented for comparison purposes.

  • Solely and exclusively their places of business are to be taken into account.

  • Solely and exclusively the data, information and documentation of the finalists shall be conserved and transferred to a definitive file owned by FCB, where they will be managed directly by FCB for the purpose of conducting any type of communication related to the Awards.

  • Chappelle Title: Chief Executive Officer Solely and exclusively for the limited purpose of Section 6.7, Section 10.3 and Section 11.13 /s/ Harlan H.

  • Solely and exclusively as an accommodation to Purchaser and CCM, Seller will borrow the amount of One Hundred Sixty Million and 00/100 Dollars ($160,000,000) (the "Lehmxx Xxxn") from Lehmxx Xxxthers Holdings Inc., a Delaware corporation, doing business as Lehmxx Xxxital, a division of Lehmxx Xxxthers Holdings Inc.

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Solely and exclusively means your work was a substantial factor of the death such that the death would not have occurred if the work was not being performed. A pre-existing condition cannot be a significant contributing factor material to the death.

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  • Developed exclusively at private expense means development was accomplished entirely with costs charged to indirect cost pools, costs not allocated to a government contract, or any combination thereof.

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  • Agency head or "Procurement Officer" means the person who signs this contract on behalf of the Requesting Agency and includes a successor or authorized representative.

  • the Secretary of State means the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills;

  • Judicial Council’s Master Account means the Judicial Council’s billing account to which the Contractor is authorized to charge specifically identified charges under this Agreement.

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  • Law" or "Laws means any federal, state or local government law, rules or regulations applicable to the Project.

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