Profitability definition

Profitability means net income after tax.
Profitability means, with respect to any location, two (2) consecutive months of positive Consolidated EBITDA.
Profitability means net income after tax, calculated in accordance with GAAP, plus stock-based compensation expensed in accordance with GAAP.

Examples of Profitability in a sentence

  • If the Company has six (6) months or two (2) quarters of Profitability, then the Buyer agrees to pay the debt of the Company that is labelled under the column “Personal Loans” or “DarkPulse Loans”, which is listed on Schedule 2 of the attached Assignment and Assumption Agreement, which is attached and incorporated into this Agreement as Exhibit A, herein (the “Shareholder Loans”).

  • Xxxxxx within fifteen (15) days of the Company achieving six (6) months of Profitability.

  • In the event the Company does not achieve six (6) months of Profitability within twenty-four (24) months of the date of the Agreement, the Shares shall be cancelled.

  • Payment of the Shareholder Loans shall be made within fifteen (15) days of the Company achieving six (6) months or two (2) quarters of Profitability.

  • Organisation Profitability analysisAspects of cost accounting, Total costing and Marginal costing, cost volume profit analysis based on product division and project division, comments on key performance ratios.

More Definitions of Profitability

Profitability means the earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) calculated on a basis consistent with the Accounts Projections means the projections for the Business set out in document 3.8.8 in the Data Room Promissory Note Amount means the principal amount and all accrued interest owed by the Company to the Seller’s Guarantor as at the Completion Date pursuant to the promissory note set out in document 3.2.125 in the Data Room (Promissory Note)
Profitability. Maintain on a consolidated basis, profitable operations (meaning a net profit after taxes) of at least $1.00 on a quarterly basis beginning with the quarter ending 12/31/98." Default: Actual Profitability for the quarter ending 12/31/00 was a net loss.
Profitability means that the Company has aggregate positive net income for four consecutive financial quarters, as reported by the Company, applying generally accepted accounting principles, consistently applied, adjusted upwards or downwards to exclude:
Profitability means a positive net income as demonstrated on tax returns for the most recent two years for which tax returns are available.
Profitability. The Guarantor shall have a GAAP after tax net income of at least $1.00 for the fiscal quarter ended September 30, 2000;"
Profitability means EBITDA equal to or higher than the total debt owed by the Company.